OCS Worldwide Peak Performance......

Goodbye summer, Hello Autumn!

When the winter boots and woolly jumpers are being dusted off this can only mean one thing to retailers...peak season is coming.

With the major shopping events fast approaching preparation is key. The run up to Christmas has always been a busy time but with shopping events such as Black Friday becoming more and more established things have escalated massively. Black Friday brought in a staggering £3.3 billion in sales in the UK alone in 2015 and is set to bring in around £5 billion this year.

From 2015 to 2016 OCS have increased their airline capacity purchase by 25% for the coming peak period......We have seen enormous growth this year from new customers and existing clients.

Peak 2016...We're Ready, Are you?
  • Singles Day (11th November)
  • Thanksgiving (24th November)
  • Black Friday (25th November)
  • Cyber Monday (28th November)
  • Manic Monday (5th December)