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OCS Worldwide History

OCS (Overseas Courier Service) Worldwide was founded in 1957 by a consortium of major newspaper publishers in Tokyo, as a global, overnight delivery system for time-sensitive business publications. It was the first such private international network, dedicated entirely to overseas air-speed shipping.

At first, OCS Worldwide focused on next-day delivery of critical financial news, within the major markets of Asia and the Pacific Rim. By 1962, we had expanded our system to handle overnight delivery from Asia to all other major business centres throughout the growing global economy. It was at this time that OCS Worldwide United Kingdom and America was created to accommodate this new inbound volume.

Within a few years, our trade routes developed between OCS Worldwide stations on all continents, and each of our regional branches in this growing network soon generated local export business.

As OCS Worldwide evolved, we adapted our network to the movement of all types of business materials, from small documents to software media to hardware systems to commodities, in weights from just a few grams to thousands of kilograms.

Today, OCS Worldwide services range from express courier delivery to heavy air freight to fulfilment and wholesale distribution. Growth of volume and new services have made the OCS Worldwide organisation excel not just in courier delivery services but bespoke logistical and ecommerce products including newspaper hand delivery and international exhibition projects.

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