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09 July 2021 - IOSS – One week in - July 9th 2021

No delays, no disruption, a smooth EU cross-border process.

In partnership with ALS Douane France, OCS provides end-to-end ecommerce distribution solutions using a range of Customs clearance options:
  • IOSS clearance for parcels with an intrinsic value of up to €150.
  • B2B2C processing for suitably established retailers for goods of all values.
  • Bespoke IOSS declaration for commodities unsuitable for the reduced H7 dataset submission.
  • Non-IOSS clearance for goods of all values into France.
  • Duty drawback on qualifying returns.
UK export and EU import channels are co-ordinated and fully automated with trailers completing EU import formalities promptly.

The OCS EU team is ready to help –
01 July 2021 - European Union distribution – July 1st 2021
OCS is proud to report a smooth transition for GB retailers accessing the EU markets, under the IOSS VAT scheme which becomes effective today. OCS partnered with experienced French customs specialist ALS Douane for Brexit preparations and has since expanded the co-operation for the implementation of the IOSS VAT requirements.

New data transmission protocols together with revised retailer VAT management processes have been a daunting post-Brexit prospect, but DDP orders via the OCS network can continue to move through compliant and efficient customs and logistics mechanisms.

OCS now provides EU distribution via IOSS, B2B2C and direct-entry processes, facilitating parcels of all values dependent on customer requirements. This is further enhanced by the ability to "draw-back" any VAT and/or Duty paid to the FR customs on the outbound journey for goods that ultimately get returned.

The combined OCS & ALS system has processed millions of Euros of draw-back claims on goods returned by EU consumers to GB retailers since January 2021. The physical goods are re-imported into GB and returned to the retailers for re-stocking into their inventory.

Today is "Day 1" under the new regime and after a huge amount of planning, preparation, execution and testing the OCS and ALS teams are delighted to confirm that all the cross-border processes, IT integrations, customs declarations and logistics systems completed and in order for the benefit of GB retailers from the outset.

Contact us to discuss how the ALS / OCS partnership can help you reach EU markets in an accountable and compliant way.

Mail for a prompt response.
15 June 2021 - EU VAT Regime Update (Effective 01.07.2021)
This update is based upon our current understanding from a logistics and clearance perspective in respect of IOSS and the new EU VAT regime, effective on the 1st of July 2021. Shippers are reminded to take tax and trade advice specific to their individual situation. Trading practices vary and OCS is neither a tax, nor a trade advisor.

IOSS Shipments (<€150)

The OCS Premium DDP service will remain available from the 1st of July 2021 for IOSS registered shipments. Imports will be through France & Ireland and the service will cover all EU member states. Your Premium DDP tariff will remain effective, but without recharge of import VAT by OCS. The clearance fee of £1.50 / parcel will still apply. In order to use the IOSS mechanism your IOSS registration details will need to be transmitted in the manifest data at a “Package” level.

"HV" (High Value Shipments, >€150)

DDP Clearance for High Value shipments will be available to France & Ireland. Additional import locations are being evaluated and tested in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Where direct services are not available for HV shipments cleared on a DDP basis, DAP (DDU) services will default.


If your IOSS registration number is unavailable, or you decide not to register for IOSS your EU parcels will be shipped under the DAP (DDU) incoterm from the 1st of July onwards.

Please make contact with your OCS Account Manager, providing your IOSS registration details when available, and to ensure your service preferences are configured correctly ahead of the deadline.
12 May 2021 - Important EU VAT Changes (IOSS)
The PDF below is available for download. It provides practical guidance on how to prepare for "IOSS", the new EU VAT regime that comes into force on the 1st of July 2021. All shippers that wish to send to the EU on a DDP basis from the effective date will need to be registered and provide their unique IOSS registration details to OCS Worldwide. If you ship DDP to the EU with OCS currently your OCS Account Manager will be in touch shortly to discuss how your preparations for this significant change are progressing. In the meantime if you have any questions or require any additional support please don't hesitate to contact us; / +44 (0) 20 7640 3800

Click on Important EU VAT Changes (IOSS) for download PDF file

Please note that individual retailers situations can vary considerably, so while OCS can support with practical advice on how to comply with the new IOSS VAT regime from a transporters perspective we are not tax advisers. Retailers are encouraged to take advice and guidance from trade or taxation specialists as required.

07 April 2021 - 100th EU trailer
This week saw the export of the 100th OCS ecommerce trailer depart the UK packed with parcels for EU distribution.

Since the first post-Brexit operation on January 4th, trucks have run smoothly accessing the major EU domestic networks via hubs in France and Germany.

Parcels complete EU Customs formalities on a DDP basis with all taxes met by the UK retailers.

Since early March returns services have commenced with 4-5 weekly trailers bringing back returned orders from EU consumers.

OCS has taken delivery of 2 new DAF tractor units to support EU surface operations, each with a gently modified livery to reflect the fast developing EU channel.
02 November 2020 - Shipping ecommerce orders in 2021, changes to prepare for now
The PDF below is available for download. It explains the need for accurate and comprehensive order data sets, and provides practical guidance on how to prepare for the changes that are coming in on the 1st of January 2021. A full and comprehensive example data set is also available from your OCS Account Manager or Customer Service contact.

Your OCS Account Manager will shortly be making contact with you to discuss your preferences for how any EU duties and taxes are handled post-transition and also to discuss how your preparations are going.

If you require any additional support at any point please don’t hesitate to contact us.

+44 (0) 20 7640 3800

Data & Brexit Guide.pdf
18 August 2020 - US Postal Service - Strong Service Levels via OCS Worldwide
There is much press coverage at the moment about the pressure the US Postal Service operates under, particularly with the US election looming and the need to handle postal votes efficiently.

The USPS has been loss-making for some years. It is unusual as it’s regulated federally yet is financially independent. It has the US universal service obligation but needs to cover costs from directly generated revenue – a difficult balance which downstream access competitors such as UPS and FedEx do not have to make.

Pressure on the USPS has been growing through huge increases in import parcel volume as the global ecommerce market has grown. Until a few months ago the USPS was unable to independently fix delivery rates for mail arriving from China, Europe and other large ecommerce shipping regions. July saw the situation adjusted with increases in US mail delivery costs reflected in the tariffs to the US from Royal Mail and others.

The ability of the USPS to reach private addresses is unique. The ecommerce operations of UPS (mail innovations), FedEx (Smartpost) and DHL (ecommerce) all access the USPS last mile infrastructure. For the first time, in 2020 USPS will surcharge delivery over the Peak period (October to December) to reflect the additional workload. The surcharges apply to non-retail parcels only with the largest surcharges applied to the downstream access services which are utilised by the USPS competition.

OCS has been a USPS partner since 2006. Initially as a “Postal Qualified Wholesaler” and then as the first “Global Direct Entry” partner when the programme was launched in 2013. The partnership is much more than a commercial arrangement. OCS utilises USPS training resources and completes hub and service reviews across the US annually. USPS representatives review OCS services in the UK, which included a visit from the recently retired Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, to OCS at Heathrow in 2017.

The US Postal service provides delivery services by air or via surface transfer. Surface delivery windows are typically 2-9 days. Low cost delivery via downstream access is typically completed by surface delivery and volumes are pushing the delivery times back, although still within the commitment. Premium services such as Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and First Class Parcel are conveyed by air and continue to be delivered within the 2-4 day domestic delivery aim.

OCS monitors US service performance closely and the current Coronavirus crisis presents multiple challenges. To reduce the last-mile distances, and to spread the draw on airline capacity OCS now ships daily into New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Working with British Airways, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines spreads the load further and allows greater capacity to be accessed over Peak when volumes surge.

OCS ecommerce delivery time to the USA during July was 4.24 working days on average. Rely on us to support your US business through challenging times.
05 August 2020 - Avoid the Canadian Postal Delays...
The designated operator for Canada, Canada Post is reporting severe delays on incoming postal items shipped from overseas. The cause is reported as being due to the on-going impact of COVID-19, coupled with a record breaking up-surge in volume as Canadians are shopping more online than ever before.

The delays are also being reported by Royal Mail and other Postal Operators with an ‘unknown’ impact on the likely delivery time-frames, but the good news is the bottle-necks in Canada can be avoided.

OCS Worldwide clients can access the Canada Post network through the OCS Premium service to Canada. OCS Premium is inducted into the far more resilient and robust ‘Commercial’, rather than ‘Postal’ induction channel.

This avoids the severely congested International postal hubs, ensuring reliable transit times are maintained for your Canadian customers. Please contact the OCS team if you would like to know more.
24 July 2020 - Parcels in the passenger cabin – July 1st 2020

With international travel much reduced due to the Coronavirus pandemic, numbers of passenger flights have significantly reduced. Cargo capacity on remaining flights cannot meet demand leading to airlines operating recently redundant passenger aircraft as freighters.

With our reputation for flexibility and innovation, OCS has been preparing cargo in boxes tailored to fit in the passenger overhead compartments and on the seats directly.

OCS has been using this creative solution on some routes between Japan and China, and between the UK and USA.
26 May 2020 - Coronavirus Update 26.05.2020 - Extended Transit Times Expected
The Coronavirus pandemic is having a disruptive impact on postal deliveries and logistics networks across the globe and this is causing longer than expected transit times in many countries.

There are several contributing factors behind this, such as;
  • Unprecedented sickness and absence levels within the respective workforces
  • Record volumes (in most cases higher than Peak) due to the retail mix shifting more to online than ever before
  • Distancing measures having to be employed in hubs, severely slowing down productivity and processing speeds
  • Hubs having to be closed temporarily for deep-cleaning following virus outbreaks
  • Specific addresses, and in some cases whole postcodes inaccessible due to local quarantine restrictions causing higher than normal return levels
  • Parcels having to be left safe, rather than handed over to ensure distance is maintained between delivery workers and the general public

The team at OCS are monitoring the situation closely. In all cases the data shows that the parcels are getting through to the consignee, albeit more slowly than we have become accustomed to prior to the pandemic.

We kindly ask shippers and consignees to allow additional time for parcels to reach their destinations at this time. Our Customer Service team remain on hand for any specific parcel enquiries.
19 March 2020 - The current impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Global Postal Networks (19th March 2020)
The following last mile delivery updates from Post Offices around the world are broken down into four key areas, all caused by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Situations vary / country. Some have temporary suspended their mail services up to the date shown and thus delays are to be expected. Others have changed their delivery methods to reduce human contact, made changes to operation times and/ or reduced their processing or operational staff which will, no doubt result in delays.
  • Suspensions of mail service – Start date/ End date.
  • Suspension of the provision of WPOD to addressee.
  • Changes of delivery procedure
  • Suspension of signature on delivery


Mongolia - Mongol Post is temporarily closing its international mail center (MNULNA) from 15 March to 1 April 2020.
Start Date: 15 March 2020
End Date: 1 April 2020

Djibouti - Djibouti has suspended all international flights arriving in and departing from Djibouti, owing to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with effect from 18 March 2020 and until further notice.
Start date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 12 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start date: 16 March 2020
End Date: three weeks from 16 March but to be confirmed

Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: 21 March 2020

Start Date: 16 March 2020
End Date: 30 March 2020

Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Cayman Islands
Start Date: 20 March 2020
End Date: 12 April 2020

An enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila and rest of Luzon Island, a total lockdown of international air and sea transport is imposed. As result, Philippine Post will be on skeletal workforce in International Mail Processing Centre. All post offices are closed, post to post customer service remains operational but limited to email only.
Start Date: 13 March 2020
End Date: 12 April 2020


In accordance with the measures taken to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the requirements of the government of below Postal Operators , all letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items requiring signature on delivery will, for security reasons, provisionally be delivered to customers indirectly,

Saudi Arabia
Start date: 13 March 2020
End date: Until further notice

Furthermore Cyprus has included the self-quarantining of staff, as a result, significant delays are to be expected in the delivery of all inbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items).
Start date: 16 March 2020
End date: Until further notice

Start date: 18 March 2020
End date: Until further notice


These special measures have been implemented in order to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to keep staff and customers safe by avoiding human contact.

Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start date: 17 March 2020
End date: until further notice

Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 18 March 20
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 19 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice


In order to minimize human contact and protect its workers, Correos de El Salvador considers it necessary to significantly reduce its workforce across the logistics chain (from labelling to delivery). As a result, correspondence of all kinds will not benefit from the usual rapidity of service, and Correos de El Salvador requests that it be exempt from the UPU’s delivery time and quality measurement requirements.

El Salvador
Start date: 16 March 2020
End date: Until further notice

All letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items requiring signature on delivery will no longer be signed at the moment of handover to the recipient, for health, safety and security reasons. For these items, the postman/woman will ask the recipient for the last three digits of the recipient’s ID reference number, and this information will be entered by the postman/woman in the signature field on their handheld device. This temporary measure will be effective from today (Monday, 16 March 2020) until further notice.
Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Parcels and registered items that would ordinarily require the addressee’s signature can now be deposited in the addressee’s mailbox or in a secure location on their premises, with signature by the postman/postwoman on their portable device. In cases where items are delivered to the recipient in person, the postman/postwoman will likewise sign on the recipient’s behalf. These measures are aimed at avoiding contact between the recipient and the portable device.
Start Date: 19 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Restrictions are in place for registered items subject to signature upon delivery. In order to avoid human contact, parcels and registered and insured items that would ordinarily require the addressee’s signature can, with the addressee’s consent, be deposited in the addressee’s mailbox or in a secure location on their premises, with signature by the postman/woman on their portable devices. This special provision ensures that there is no physical contact between Poste Italiane staff and customers. Alternatively, if the addressee is absent or wishes to collect the item from a post office, a special notice of delivery will be left in their mailbox, with instructions for access to the post office. Of course, access to post offices is also subject to restrictions and special conditions, so as to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect Poste Italiane staff and customers.
Start Date: 13 March 2020
End Date: 3 April 2020

Spain – Major Delays in the distribution of international Mail
This will have a major impact on operations and, consequently, on quality of service for all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter post, parcels and EMS). This is expected to last at least until 28 March. For this reason, as indicated to the National Regulatory Authority, service delivery standards cannot be guaranteed and a situation of force majeure has been declared until the situation returns to normal.
Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: 2 April 2020

These measures will have repercussions on Pošta Slovenije’s ability to keep sorting and delivery operations functioning, and operations and performance will be impacted. Quality of service for all types of inbound and outbound mail (EMS, parcel post and letter post) is therefore affected, and this is expected to remain the case until the end of the epidemic. For this reason, service delivery standards cannot be guaranteed, and a force majeure clause regarding quality of service is being invoked until the situation returns to normal.
Start Date: 17 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

There are delays in the arrival of mail addressed to Panama and, as a result, in its delivery to addressees. This means that it cannot meet the normal quality and delivery time standards for various services.
Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Jamaica – Restricted mail services
Jamaica Post will be implementing a restructured operations program. This will have an impact on the processing of all inbound and outbound mail, as follows:
  • Inability to guarantee delivery standards for letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items, owing to adjusted opening hours of post offices and postal agencies;
  • Deployment of a reduced workforce at the international mail processing center, the administrative headquarters (postal accounting and customer service), and the operational headquarters (mail van dispatches).

Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: 24 March 2020

Sri Lanka – Disruption of mail operations
The designated operator of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Post, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that the government's decision to declare holidays for the public and private sector from 16 to 19 March 2020, to help prevent the COVID-19 outbreak from spreading, will disrupt all inbound and outbound mail operations. All mail processing and delivery is suspended until 20 March 2020. The government may decide to further extend the holidays once it has reviewed the situation.
Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: 20 March

Chile – Restricted mail services
These measures are a result of the reduced workforce across the logistics chain and of domestic and international flight connections in the light of the spread of COVID-19.
- International inbound mail addressed to Easter Island will no longer be accepted
- There will be delays in the processing and delivery of international inbound mail
- Signature on delivery for international inbound mail will be suspended and replaced by delivery methods that limit direct physical contact.
Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice

Maldives - Suspension of mail services
Maldives Post is suspending the processing of all inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) from 19 to 28 March 2020. This will have a major impact on operations and, consequently, on quality of service for all types of mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items). The disruption is expected to continue until the epidemic is over.
Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: 28 March 2020

Singapore – Change of delivery method
Signature on delivery will be suspended with immediate effect for all letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items. However, tracked confirmation of deliveries will be provided via the usual tracking event scans for products that allow tracking.
All letter-box-sized items (including registered, tracked, parcel and EMS items) will be deposited in letter boxes. For items larger than letter-box size, delivery will be made to parcel locker stations (POP stations), post offices or collection points (in descending order of priority) for collection by the addressee. The provision of the addressee's mobile number on all items, if possible, will expedite the above process. For items for which no mobile number has been provided, delayed delivery is to be expected.
It will not be mandatory for Singapore Post to provide written proof of delivery, and delivery will be deemed to have occurred when collection is confirmed at the designated collection points.
Start Date: 18 March 2020
End Date: Until further notice
12 March 2020 - Coronavirus Update
The rapidly changing situation surrounding the Coronavirus is unprecedented for our industry and the global population. OCS remains primarily committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers and local communities and we are closely following the guidance issued by the UK Government and health organisations around the world.

We will strive to facilitate timely exports on behalf of our customers, wherever possible as the situation develops.

The World Health Organisation has now upgraded the status of Coronavirus to a ‘Global Pandemic’ and US President Donald Trump has announced sweeping new travel restrictions. This is likely to have a knock on effect in terms of cargo capacity in the coming weeks and months.

Many airlines have announced flight cancelations already and we presume this trend will continue as the situation develops. Parcel exports to Italy are getting through, albeit with minor delays. Shippers can expect to see more significant delays on exports to Chinese consumers. All other routes and destinations are running normally at the time of writing.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation develops and if you have any specific concerns or questions please contact our Sales and Customer Service teams; / +44 (0) 20 7640 3900

Thank you for your continued support from all the team at OCS Worldwide.
24 February 2020 - Announcement OCS Worldwide & New Zealand Post
We are thrilled to announce the opening of two international mail processing facilities/ETOE operations with New Zealand Post.

Our Heathrow facility will begin processing mail and parcels through the ETOE later this month and will extend to our Coventry hub in the Spring.

This latest development in our long term relationship with New Zealand Post will meet demand in the ecommerce market for flexibility and choice on delivery options. New Zealand Post will provide our ecommerce clients and their customers with highly competitive postage rates to many worldwide destinations and easy access to a wide range of ecommerce solutions, including Tracked or Untracked delivery and Returns options.

View in PDF
21 January 2020 - USPS 'Top of the League' of most trusted US brands
The United States Postal Service has been voted as the #1 trusted brand in America following an independent brand survey conducted by Morning Consult.

OCS Worldwide is proud to be one of a very small number of UK based GDE (Global Direct Entry) Partners of the USPS. The relationship between OCS and the USPS dates back to 2004 and just like the respondents of the survey we find them to be a highly reliable and trusted partner

UK based e-commerce parcel exporters can access the amazing USPS delivery network via OCS in Heathrow, consistently achieving delivery in under 3 working days at a highly competitive rates.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
07 January 2020 - Australia Post - Bushfire Update

Due to ongoing bushfire activity, Australia Post operations have been impacted in a number of locations in ACT, WA, Victoria and NSW. Safety is our main priority, and we are reaching out to our people and supporting them through this tough time. We are monitoring the situation closely, and will provide updates as information is made available. Please refer to the Australia post website for regular updates.


The following Post Offices have been closed until further notice:
  • Canberra University
  • North Canberra Business Hub

Deliveries have been impacted in the following postcodes:
  • 5220
  • 5223
The following Post Offices have been closed until further notice:
  • Parndana
  • Vivonne Bay

Deliveries have been impacted in the following postcodes:
  • 3885
  • 3887
  • 3888
  • 3889
  • 3890
  • 3891
  • 3892
  • 3893
  • 3895
  • 3896
  • 3898
  • 3900
The following Post Offices have been closed until further notice:
  • Bemm River
  • Cann River
  • Corryong
  • Dinner Plain
  • Ensay
  • Falls Creek
  • Genoa
  • Swifts Creek
  • Walwa
  • Wandiligong

Deliveries have been impacted in the following postcodes:
  • 2259
  • 2260
  • 2261
  • 2262
  • 2263
  • 2422
  • 2536
  • 2537
  • 2538
  • 2539
  • 2540
  • 2545
  • 2546
  • 2548
  • 2549
  • 2550
  • 2551
  • 2575
  • 2576
  • 2642
  • 2729
  • 2730
  • 2632
  • 2651
  • 2652
  • 2653
  • 3707
The following Post Offices have been closed until further notice:
  • Adelong
  • Adaminaby
  • Batemans Bay
  • Batlow
  • Bega
  • Bermagui
  • Bodalla
  • Bombala
  • Broulee
  • Bundanoon
  • Cabramurra
  • Cobargo
  • Goulburn
  • Jindabyne
  • Jingellic
  • Khancoban
  • Kiah
  • Lake Conjola
  • Malua Bay
  • Merimbula
  • Milton
  • Mogo
  • Moruya
  • Narooma
  • Nimmitabel
  • Nowra
  • Nowra Naval
  • Pambula
  • Perisher Valley
  • Quaama
  • Talbingo
  • Tathra
  • Thredbo
  • Tilba Tilba
  • Tomerong
  • Tumbarumba
  • Tumut
  • Ulladulla
  • Weston Creek
  • WA
Deliveries have been impacted in postcode 6443.
30 September 2019 - BREXIT Update
The possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the EU without a trading agreement on October 31st remains.

The European Commission has launched it's latest phase of communication to raise awareness of trading implications to EU27 companies trading with the UK in the event of "no deal".

The following resources assist European companies understand how changes may affect them and how to prepare:

These documents offer advice specifically to companies remaining in the EU.

For comprehensive BREXIT advice for UK exporters, please visit:

OCS Worldwide continues to prepare for all BREXIT outcomes.
15 August 2019 - Tropical Storm Krosa
Severe Tropical Storm Krosa, (classified one notch below a typhoon) made landfall this afternoon on the southern island of Shikoku and is currently moving in a north-westerly direction towards the Sea of Japan.

Heavy rains and strong winds up to 60mph have resulted in the evacuation of 400,000 people. Train services are heavily disrupted and highways have been closed due to the increased risk of floods and mudslides.

Following official warnings 700 flights have been cancelled and our facilities in Osaka and Kansai International Airport are currently closed.

All services are currently suspended in the west of Japan with no collections or deliveries in Kyoto and Kobe.

Contingency are in place to minimise disruption. However, the delivery times to some destinations may be extended by one day.

As the tropical moves across land the winds will lessen and we expect normal service to resume tomorrow.

We will provide further updates when the information is available.
05 August 2019 - Heathrow Strike Action
The strike planned by Heathrow Airport workers on Monday 5th August 2019 has been called off and talks continue to stop a further walkout on Tuesday 6th. There have already been some cancellations and some flights transferred to other airports to minimise the impact of the industrial action at Heathrow.

The cancellations to date have been mainly on short-haul flights within the UK & Europe where there are multiple flights per day, making it easier to get the affected passengers to their destinations in a reasonable time when flights are consolidated. Long-haul flights are scheduled to continue unaffected.

OCS routes almost all exports via the courier centre, not the cargo warehouses. The courier centre containerises our exports and they route direct to the aircraft, avoiding the cargo facilities completely and thus any potential knock-on effects of the strike action.

We will be presenting our freight as early as possible while the disruption continues and we are working closely with the airlines to confirm uplift. We do not anticipate any significant disruption although we will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep customers updated as the situation develops.
26 April 2019 - OCS MD celebrates 31 years
Tim Jones is not 31 years old but celebrates joining the OCS team 31 years ago on April 25th 1988.

When asked for comment Tim was quick to mention he is part of a very experienced group and not yet the longest serving member of the team.

Happy anniversary!
26 April 2019 - BREXIT Update
The European Union has agreed a conditional "Flextension" which moves the date the United Kingdom leaves the EU to as late of October 31st 2019.

OCS continues to update contingency measures to accommodate the impact of all Brexit scenarios.

In a challenging regulatory landscape OCS will ensure the integrity of International parcel distribution and engage with, and support, UK shippers in understanding the potential changes to process and taxation in servicing their EU customers.

In the meantime, if you do not yet have an EORI number which identifies you as an international exporter, please refer to our previous posts and complete registration as an EORI number will be essential for continued export compliance in the event of a "no deal".

For information and advice on Brexit, please reach out to our Brexit team.
28 February 2019 - BREXIT Update
With a month to go, a BREXIT deal has yet to be finalised leaving the possibility of "no deal" as an outcome.

OCS Worldwide has been preparing for this eventuality and will be able to continue to support customers distribution requirements within the EU without interruption.

Customers who have been despatching exclusively to the EU in the past, will now need an EORI number. This number is a code which identifies your business to HMRC and is included in any export or import customs declarations we made on your behalf. EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification number and can be obtained in a few days. For more information and to register please visit

As the deadline approaches, and if necessary, we will circulate more information about changes to parcel documentation and the functionality of our online parcel processing software, Selfship. Changes will be uncomplicated and align requirements with those currently in place for the despatch of parcels to destinations outside the EU. Pro-forma invoices will be generated from the information provided which should be detailed, show the accurate value of the goods, and include the consignee VAT number and commodity (HS) code if available. Accurate descriptions with commodity codes ensure any taxes due are calculated at the correct rate. In the event of "no deal" shippers are reminded that goods sent to EU countries may incur Duty and/or VAT at destination, normally collected from the consignee. Provision of the consignee VAT number may allow commercial consignees in some EU countries to account for import VAT directly through their local VAT returns. DDP services, where all taxes are recharged to the shipper in the UK, are available on request.

As free circulation of UK goods within the EU may no longer be possible, certain goods may be subject to special licenses, permits or restrictions not previously applied. Shippers should be satisfied that the goods being sent are not prohibited or restricted in the country of destination.

Please be assured that OCS Worldwide is working for you for a smooth transition, whatever the outcome. For more information on preparations for BREXIT please contact OCS Customer Service and one of our BREXIT team will get in touch.
07 January 2019 - Swiss Mail Order Regulation 2019
The Swiss Government have introduced a new retailer registration scheme as of 1st January 2019. This ruling will affect non-resident companies who ship to Switzerland.

These changes have come into effect in order to place foreign mail-order companies on an equal footing with companies domiciled in Switzerland.

If a domestic or foreign mail order company generates a minimum of CHF 100,000 turnover per year from small consignments then its deliveries will be considered domestic supplies. Small consignments are defined as items that have a value of 65 CHF or below (circa £51.85 at the current CHF to GBP exchange rate).

Companies that meet these conditions will be subject to VAT charges as such sales are considered taxable in Switzerland. If this information applies to your company then you must register for Swiss VAT so that such sales can be entered into the Swiss VAT register.

Suppliers and partners of OCS Worldwide should note that there will still be no import tax on small consignments despite these new mail order regulations.

Information on the mail-order regulations as of 1 January 2019. Source: Swiss Federal Tax Administration.
11 December 2018 - OCS Delivers at the Drapers Awards
OCS was a proud sponsor of this years’ Drapers Awards. The Directors and Management team, along with some guests attended the glittering ceremony on the 29th of November at the Camden Roundhouse in London.

The Drapers Awards recognise the top performing and most innovative businesses in fashion and Martin Arnold, Commercial Director of Drapers thanked OCS for its support of the event.

OCS Worldwide has a long history of partnering with some of the UK’s leading fashion brands such as J.P. Boden, Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M. Lewin and the event provided the OCS team with a fantastic networking opportunity and the ability to market our brand to a wider audience.

OCS’ Head of Ecommerce, Phil Rees presented the award for International Fashion Retailer of the Year to Quiz Clothing. Also nominated for this award was our client J.P. Boden who we have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with. OCS Worldwide would like to send its congratulations to all the winners and nominees at this year’s Drapers Awards.

10 December 2018 - Canada Post Ends Strike
Canada Post has confirmed that its postal strikes are now no longer in effect. OCS Worldwide would like to notify customers that they can still expect to experience delays in delivery times for untracked mail and to a much lesser extent for OCS Worldwide UK’s direct injection service.

The direct injection service caters for customers who wish to access premium domestic Canada Post services. The direct injection service continues to perform well with customers experiencing minor local delays.

Customers should be aware that delivery of untracked mail may be delayed during the Christmas Holidays and may continue as we enter the New Year. Canada Post is working to manage a significant backlog of mail that has occurred as a result of the strike action.

OCS Worldwide UK would like to remind its customers that they should liaise with their OCS account handler regarding deliveries to Canada.
26 November 2018 - Canada Post Strike Update
Canada Post have now ceased acceptance of all in-bound, international untracked mail as a result of the on-going postal strikes.

This means all Post Offices, including Royal Mail are no longer accepting untracked letter mail or small packets for Canada until further notice.

It remains unclear when the strikes will conclude however, once the embargo is lifted there will be a significant backlog that will take time to clear.

To ensure they can continue to service their Canadian customers, several OCS clients have elected to upgrade their shipments to EcHo Premium, the OCS tracked parcel service during this time.

EcHo Premium is a direct injection service. Orders fly commercially into Canadian hubs, undertake commercial Customs clearance before being passed to Canada Post for last mile delivery. The border backlog is leap-frogged with convenient Canada Post last-mile service retained. There are still some localised delays due to the "rolling strikes" but average delivery times remains less than 6 days.

If you wish to discuss your options for delivery to Canada during, and after the strikes please contact your OCS account handler.
20 November 2018 - Canada Post Strikes & Delays
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) continues its strike activity in Kelowna, B.C. and in Edmonton, Alta. Strikes also started Monday morning in Kitchener (Ont.) and at one delivery centre in Toronto. Mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up in impacted areas and due to the delays caused by the union’s ongoing rotating strikes, Canada Post has suspended its delivery standard guarantees for parcel services.

OCS has learned that some international postal providers are either completely suspending their services to Canada at this time or quoting significant delays of up to eight weeks. OCS will continue to monitor the situation closely.
19 November 2018 - GE90 Aircraft Engine

As part of the All Nippon Airways group (ANA), OCS in Japan provides logistical support for the movement of ANA aircraft spares.

November 9th 2018 saw the first GE engine from the ANA Boeing 777 fleet arrive in the UK for repair at the GE engine overhaul facility at Nantgarw, just north of Cardiff.

The first engine was smoothly imported and delivered on time, co-ordinated and quality-controlled by the OCS Team every step of the way.
01 November 2018 - BREXIT Update November 1st 2018
Since the United Kingdom formally advised the EU of it's intention to leave in March 2017, we have been using the 2 year notice period to negotiate and agree the future relationship between the two parties. Once agreed, a transitional period to implement agreed changes is planned to run to the end of 2020 during which the Customs Union will be maintained.

As of the date of this communication, negotiations are not yet finalised which raises the possibility of a "no deal" situation where all regulatory relationships between the United Kingdom and European Union will lapse. In such a scenario some regulatory areas will revert to Global agreements such as World Trade Organisation (WTO) framework for cross-border trade arrangements.

OCS Worldwide is an International distributor of more than 50 years experience. A "no deal" EU exit remains unlikely following Teresa May's statement on October 22nd that a deal is 95% complete. However, this update is to let you know what we are doing to support your business and prepare for all eventualities.

OCS Worldwide - Resources & Engagement

As part of the OCS Global Network, OCS Worldwide has significant established infrastructure to handle cross-border trade. Credentials include:
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • HMRC Customs Broker / Agency
  • ETSF Bonded Warehouse Facility
  • Community Transit Permissions & Guarantee
  • HMRC MoU holder for NES Export declarations
  • Meets "Trusted Trader" criteria for export control.
OCS Worldwide is also an active member of the Association of Courier & Express Services (AICES) which is the recognised trade body for International Fast Parcel Operators. AICES is directly engaged in negotiations with HMRC as well as lobbying both UK and EU governments concerning the requirements for smooth cross-border processes to enable/facilitate trade.

What is OCS doing to prepare for BREXIT?

BREXIT is a fixed agenda item for all OCS Worldwide UK divisions. Some of the actions taken or underway are:
  • Engaging with our staff to ensure they are aware of decisions / potential changes affecting the status of EU nationals. This ranges from circulating government updates, to giving advice on exchanging EU driving licenses for UK documents if appropriate.
  • Completion of an IT systems review to expand functionality to handle data for EU parcels in a similar way to those destined for outside the EU currently.
  • Reviewing HMRC interfaces and software so increases in entry volumes can be absorbed smoothly and without delay. Upgrade work is being completed for automated high volume transmissions.
  • Expansion of the OCS Worldwide regulatory compliance team. The function of this team is the development, operation and audit of procedures regulated by external agencies such as HMRC.
  • Engaging with OCS Worldwide partners across the EU for information and feedback on changes to the handling of UK goods on arrival at their border. This includes potential tax collection mechanisms including delivery on DDP incoterms.
  • OCS UK and OCS Netherlands are co-operating with the expansion of facilities in Amsterdam to support parcels arriving from outside the EU.
  • Engaging with EU Postal Administrations to plan any necessary changes to postal labelling such as the addition of CN22 or CN23 declarations.
  • Supporting our industry body, AICES, together with our industry peers to ensure the most advantageous outcomes for EU parcel distribution.
As Friday March 29th 2019 approaches ...

OCS Worldwide continues to work with all stakeholders in order to facilitate smooth parcel delivery across the EU.

Representation in all EU states, together with existing parallel air & road networks provides a strong foundation on which to overlay the necessary procedures dictated by soft BREXIT, hard BREXIT or "no deal".

Please contact your account manager with questions. Regular updates will follow in the coming weeks.

Tim Jones
Managing Director
26 October 2018 - OCS Sponsors the Drapers Awards 2018
We are extremely proud and very excited at OCS Worldwide Ltd to be sponsoring the Drapers Awards, 2018 International Fashion Retailer of the Year is our chosen category and the 2018 nominees are; Boden, Joules, Matalan, Quiz Clothing & Reiss The 2017 winners were Childrensalon who are nominated for a further three awards in 2018. You can view the full shortlist for all the various award categories here;

20 October 2018 - Last Posting Dates For Christmas Mail 2018
Africa, Middle East Monday 3rd December
Asia,Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (Except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) Thursday 6th December
Caribbean, Central and South America Friday 7th December
Australia, Greece, New Zealand Friday 7th December
Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland Thursday 13th December
Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA Thursday 13th December
Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland Friday 14th December
Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg Friday 14th December

First Class Mail Wednesday 19th December
Second Class Mail Monday 17th December

For further information on the last posting dates, please email us via the
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03 October 2018 - Linnworks & Shopify OCS Integrations Live
OCS is pleased to announce that it has completed development of shipping application plug-ins for the Linnworks and Shopify order management systems.

These dedicated applications enable full and seamless integration with a few simple steps. Users are able to assign orders to OCS, generate the shipping labels and pull back the required tracking information to ensure full compliance with Amazon, eBay and other Marketplaces.

Linnworks users can find further information and instructions here

Shopify users can find further information and instructions here

If you have any questions or require any support with your Linnworks or Shopify integration you can contact the OCS technical support team at
24 September 2018 - Charles Tyrwhitt Three Peaks Challenge
This September our friends at Charles Tyrwhitt undertook the 3 Peaks challenge in support of The Prince’s Trust.

For those of you that don’t know, The Prince’s Trust strive to change the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people by offering extensive training, mentorship and opportunities they otherwise would not have.

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the highest mountains of Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) within 24 hours.

Well done to the Charles Tyrwhitt Team on completing this very tough but very worthwhile challenge.

04 September 2018 - Strong Typhoon Hits Western Japan - September 4th 2018

Typhoon Jebi

Extremely strong winds and heavy rains hit Japan as Typhoon Jebi made landfall at approximately 11:00hrs JST.

Jebi is the strongest typhoon to hit for more than 25 years, with wind gust of up to 129mph. Officials have warned more than a million people to evacuate their homes.

Flooding of two runways and a warehouse at Kansai International Airport, Osaka has lead to the cancellation of 700 flights.

Further disruption has been caused by a 2,591 tonne tanker crashing in the main bridge that connects the Kansai Airport and mainland Osaka.

Tokyo is unscathed and the winds are reducing as Jebi makes it way across land.

At this time it is not possible for us to determine the full impact to our service.

We will provide further updates when the information is available.
26 June 2018 - GST changes for Low Value Goods to Australia
The start of the new Australian financial year will see the introduction of the Treasury Laws Amendment Bill (GST Low Value Goods) that was passed in parliament on 21st June 2017.

OCS Worldwide has been in positive contact with customers likely to be affected to ensure smooth compliance and welcomes contact from all shippers looking to expand their ecommerce business to Australia and think they may be affected.

Previously, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was only required to be paid when the value of the goods cost more than AUD$ 1000.00. This new government legislation means that from 1st July 2018 GST will now be charged on international items costing less than AUD$ 1000.00 when sold Business to Consumer (B2C).

International retailers selling more than AUD$ 75000 of goods annually are now required to register with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Once registered, businesses will receive an ATO reference number (ARN). GST must be collected at the point of sale. The amount of GST to charge will be one-eleventh of the sales price. GST returns must be periodically lodged with the ATO.

Once you have obtained an ARN we will need to inform us of this number for our customs clearance files and this must be included on the accompanying customs paperwork.

For items valued of AUD$ 1000 the same duty and tax collection will apply at the border. Items sold Business to Business (B2B) will continue to be GST exempt.

For more information of the process, exemptions and how to register please visit ATO website. You can also contact the ATO via email at or directly on +61 2 6216 1111 Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 5.00pm (UTC+10:00).

25 May 2018 - Updated Privacy Notice
In line with changes due to the recent GDPR legislation, we invite you to view our updated Privacy Notice here.
08 November 2017 - USPS Visit
A call from Washington and 24 hours later a short-notice visit from Megan Brennan & Jim Cochrane of the United States Postal Service.

Megan is the 74th Postmaster General. Jim is Executive Chief Market & Sales Officer and Executive Vice-President.

Megan & Jim were in London on other business but keen to visit, talk and look over OCS operations.

OCS is a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler and the largest European USPS Direct Entry Partner.

For shippers requiring a tracked, fully accountable US delivery service OCS accesses all USPS domestic services on a commercial basis via the USPS "Global Direct Entry" partnership programme. In June 2014 OCS became the principle partner of the programme, presenting the greatest number of parcels via the New York and Los Angeles gateways.

On June 16th a review of the OCS untracked postal traffic entering the US East Coast was carried out to better understand local processes and ensure UK parcel preparation was fully aligned to the US systems. Parcels were audited through the USPS New York hub at JFK and through to the regional hub at Bethpage. Parcels presented to Royal Mail on Friday June 13th at Heathrow were checked through both facilities on Monday June 16th for delivery over the following 2 days; a 3-4 day delivery from despatch.

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Asia,Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (Except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) Tuesday 5th December
Caribbean, Central and South America Wednesday 6th December
Australia, Greece, New Zealand Friday 8th December
Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland Tuesday 12th December
Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA Wednesday 13th December
Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland Thursday 14th December
Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg Friday 15th December

First Class Mail Tuesday, December 19th, 2017
Second Class Mail Monday , December 18th, 2017

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06 Oct 2017 - Employee of the quarter - Q3 2017
Massive congratulations to Kirstie Simmons on winning employee of the quarter award for Q3 2017!

Kirstie is a super hard working member of our Customer Service team - she totally deserves the award and the £500.00 that goes with it!

Well done Kirstie!

19 July 2017 - Employee of the quarter - Q2 2017

Jason was nominated by a number of staff at OCS for all of his hard work this quarter.

A big congratulations and thank you from everyone at OCS.

Hoping he enjoys his £500.00 bonus!

12 April 2017 - 60 years ...
The OCS Network was founded 60 years ago this year. Established first in Japan in 1957, UK operations followed soon after in 1958.

Coinciding with the anniversary is the construction of a new headquarters building in Tokyo which will open later in the year. The date of the combined celebration will be fixed soon and reported on here. Check back soon ...
10 April 2017 - Austria Post

OCS provides market-leading ecommerce services for the Austria market from the UK. The two-tier outbound service provides a Premium 2 day delivery by air for urgent orders supported by a 3-4 day service by road. Last-mile partner is Austria Post who provide the full range of customer delivery management options facilitating the most convenient delivery experience possible. Return services are available with daily despatches from Vienna back to the UK. Average return time from customer Post Office drop to the UK retailer is 5 working days.

06 April 2017 - Employee of the quarter - Q1 2017
A huge congratulations to Paul Ottaway!!!!!

A deserving winner of Employee of the Quarter. Paul is a highly valued member of our operations team, willing to always go the extra mile!

Thank you for all your hard work Paul and keep up the amazing work. Enjoy your £500.00 prize

05 April 2017 - Canada Duty-Paid Delivery

The low tax-free threshold for international parcels entering Canada has long been a barrier to market development. Now OCS offers a cost-effective DDP service for quick and seamless delivery. Flying direct from the UK, OCS takes care of all cross-border procedures including prepayment of national and regional taxes for easy bulk settlement by the shipper. Last-mile trackable delivery in partnership with Canada Post.

05 January 2017 - OCS in Ireland!

Ireland. The OCS team visited Dublin this month as part of an operational review with An Post - last-mile partner for OCS ecommerce delivery in Ireland. With postcodes only recently introduced, private address delivery can be challenging. An Post has the local knowledge and resources to ensure best possible delivery. OCS despatches daily to Dublin by both air and road for consistent prompt delivery.

OCS MD Tim Jones at An Post HQ - The GPO, O'Connell Street, Dublin
05 January 2017 - Employee of the quarter - Q4 2016
Our final employee of the quarter winner for 2016 is.....MOHSIN WAQAS!!!

Everyone at OCS would like to say a massive congratulations & thank you to Mohsin for his dedication & hard work he continues to show day in & day out to not only the compliance department but the whole OCS team, a very deserving winner.

We hope he enjoys his £500 BONUS!

"Thank you guys!" - Mohsin Waqas (acceptance speech extraordinaire)

31 October 2016 - Last Posting Dates For Christmas Mail 2016
Central and South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (inc. Japan), New Zealand and Australia Monday 5th of December 2016
USA, Canada, Greece, Poland and Eastern Europe Monday 12th of December 2016
Western Europe Thursday 15th of December 2016

First Class Mail Monday 19th of December 2016
Second Class Mail Thursday 15th of December 2016

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07 October 2016 - OCS Worldwide Peak Performance
Goodbye summer, Hello Autumn!

When the winter boots and woolly jumpers are being dusted off this can only mean one thing to retailers...peak season is coming.

With the major shopping events fast approaching preparation is key. The run up to Christmas has always been a busy time but with shopping events such as Black Friday becoming more and more established things have escalated massively. Black Friday brought in a staggering £3.3 billion in sales in the UK alone in 2015 and is set to bring in around £5 billion this year.

From 2015 to 2016 OCS have increased their airline capacity purchase by 25% for the coming peak period......We have seen enormous growth this year from new customers and existing clients.

Peak 2016...We're Ready, Are you?
  • Singles Day (11th November)
  • Thanksgiving (24th November)
  • Black Friday (25th November)
  • Cyber Monday (28th November)
  • Manic Monday (5th December)
05 August 2016 - OCS partnership with GLS
August 5th 2016

OCS provides one of the fastest ecommerce delivery services to Germany in partnership with GLS.

Members of the OCS Logistics Team have been in Germany this week as part of a training and review programme, ensuring service and communication is tip top.

Average delivery time to Germany from the UK is less than 3 days and can be a consistent 2 day transit time depending on collection schedule.

Cenkay Aktan - GLS Partnership Manager for OCS

GLS operates the ultra-convenient Flex delivery system to reach residential consignees smoothly and efficiently. Each customer receives an email or text alert in advance advising of the anticipated time window with options for intervention, redirection, re-scheduling or other individual requirement. More than 20% of consignees receiving orders via the Flex service make a change for improved personal convenience.

For more information on the OCS EcHo service to Germany call the OCS ecommerce team and talk to the people who directly make it happen.
01 August 2016 - Typhoon Nida
August 1st 2016

Typhoon Nida is expected to be closest to Hong Kong at approx 2200 local time tonight.

All flights are cancelled into and out of Hong Kong and not expected to restart until the evening of Tuesday August 2nd.

OCS Hong Kong completed available deliveries today and plans to resume at 1400 tomorrow, conditions permitting.

Please expect delays of up to 48hrs for deliveries to Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and Southern China.
15 July 2016 - Fantastic Feedback
Well done to everyone in our Coventry office who were involved in the recent export request of over 400 cables to Japan, weighing over 340kg. Some fantastic feedback was given direct from Toyota Tsusho Uk Ltd;

"Since working with OCS as our partner for the recent export of cables to Japan, we have been impressed by the level of service provided.

At times, the demands of our customer have required deliveries to be made very quickly and as such the reliable and flexible service OCS provide is essential to our business.

Communication and trust is key and I always feel confident OCS are able to deliver when we really need it"
01 July 2016 - Employee of the quarter - Q2 2016
OCS would like to say a BIG congratulations to Alex Movila for being voted Employee of the Quarter.

Alex is a very highly regarded member of our Operations Team and nominations came in thick and fast for him this quarter.

Everyone at OCS would like to thank Alex for all his hard work, commitment and can-do attitude. We hope he enjoys his £500 BONUS!
13 June 2016 - Employee of the quarter - Q1 2016
OCS would like to congratulate Graham Sutherland.

Graham Sutherland, our very worthy winner of the Q1 2016 employee of the quarter competition.
Graham is a very highly regarded member of our IT team and nominations for Graham came thick and fast this year....

We thank Graham for all his hard work and hope he enjoys his £500 bonus!
06 June 2016 - Exciting news!

OCS Worldwide have partnered with the award winning and will now be offering their customers direct injection to the USA using our direct entry system with USPS.

Market leader have 12 years experience and over 2 million customers, we are proud to be on board and look forward to working with them.
01 March 2016 - OCS Worldwide proudly chosen as Subscription Management Team
OCS Worldwide are proud to announce that we have been chosen as the subscription management team behind the exciting launch of 'New Day'.

This newspaper is the first stand alone national daily published in 30 years with hopes of selling in the region of 200,000 copies a day.

OCS Worldwide are very excited to work in collaboration with Trinity Mirror on this venture, New Day now takes its place alongside many other impressive titles within the OCS portfolio.

For press distribution

For courier, freight & mail logistics

Or call our helpful staff on 0207 640 3900
13 January 2016 - Employee of the quarter - Q4 2015
OCS would like to congratulate Gabino Guardado our Finance and Administration Clerk.

Gabino a valued member of our Finance Team at LHR has been awarded Employee of the quarter.

A number of managers at OCS nominated Gabino for his all his hard work and dedication to the company.

We hope you enjoy your well deserved £500 bonus Gabino. You are a fantastic member of the team!
31 December 2015 - OCS gains AEO status
December 2015

OCS is the holder of multiple HMRC Authorisations in order to facilitate the import, export and transhipment activities which are part and parcel of the provision of flexible international logistics services. As part of preparations for the introduction of the Union Customs Code in May 2016, OCS successfully applied to HMRC for AEO status which was granted subsequent to a detailed system audit.

An Authorised Economic Operator (or AEO) is a company within the International supply-chain which has been audited and meets the standard of the World Customs Organisation (WCO), which in turn supports the programme to improve and standardise movement and control of goods worldwide.

The forthcoming introduction of the Union Customs Code is to support the standardisation of Customs and trade controls / procedures across the EU. AEO accreditation demonstrates compliance with the necessary standards to operate within the International supply-chain and supports various procedural facilitations previously subject to individual approval by the local Customs authorities.

OCS provides all Customs & Compliance services in-house and is able to support the movement and declaration of all goods whether in free EU circulation or under local Customs control. The accreditation demonstrates that OCS Customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant with the necessary standards.
09 December 2015 - OCS Charters a plane
Just last week OCS received an urgent call to assist BMW… Our “Just in Time” logistics team immediately reacted. BMW production line in Steyr, Austria was at risk of halting as urgent parts were required.

Timing was critical if delays were to be avoided, 5 pallets of dense cargo needed to be transported for next day arrival to Austria. OCS decided the best course of action would be a charter aircraft. The largest plane ready with crew was the Saab 340 which could hold 4 of the pallets with the remaining travelling by land.

A complicated process of hand searching each pallet took place as the pallets were too dense for the normal X-ray searches. This meant a later than planned take off, but “wheels were up” by 10.08pm and landed at 01.22am in local time Austria.

The driver and handling agents were in touch at all times with BMW and despite 200km diversions and extremely heavy snowfall, we were on site and off loaded by 09.20am. As a result there was no halt to production of BMW’s stunning cars.

OCS would like to thank the 7 members of staff who worked through the night in order to ensure updates were provided quickly and communicated to the customer in a timely manner.
06 November 2015 - Last Posting Dates For Christmas Mail 2015
Central and South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (inc. Japan), New Zealand and Australia Thursday December 3rd 2015
USA, Canada, Greece, Poland and Eastern Europe Friday December 11th 2015
Western Europe Tuesday the 15th December 2105

First Class Mail Friday, December 18th 2015
Second Class Mail Thursday, December 17th 2015

For further information on the last posting dates, please email us via the
contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.

20 October 2015 - Employee of the quarter - Q3 2015
OCS would like to congratulate Neesha Nerr our Key Accounts Executive.

Neesha a valued member of our Customer Service Team at LHR has been awarded Employee of the Quarter.
A number of managers at OCS nominated Neesha for her hard work and dedication; alongside this many customers have sent emails praising her fantastic Customer Service skills.

We hope you enjoy your well deserved £500 bonus Neesha. You’re a great asset to OCS.

02 October 2015 - OCS sponsors charity walk in support of Cancer Research
OCS Worldwide have proudly sponsored Sean Comer in the London Shine Night Walk, full marathon.

The Cancer Research charity walk spans across 26.2miles, Sean did exceptionally well, completing this in 7 hours and 30 minutes.

The walk which took place on Saturday the 26th of September started at Southwark Park and ended at Old Billingsgate. The marathon has been an exceptional success raising a total of £2,613,847 for Cancer Research so far.

Well done to Sean and all other participants!

15 September 2015 - Visitor from Sri Lanka
Today OCS UK has been pleased to welcome Mr Ismath-ur Rahman to our Heathrow facility.

Mr Rahman is the CEO of OCS in Sri Lanka, an OCS Network Partner for more than thirty years.

For a flexible, cost-effective and expert service between the UK and Sri Lanka please get in touch.
14 July 2015 - Employee of the quarter - Q2 2015

OCS introduces Employee of the quarter - Q2 2015

This month see's exciting times at OCS -LHR, our first employee of the quarter has been awarded to Paul Brewer. His commitment to getting the job done and always putting the customer first made him the outstanding candidate this quarter and he will be receiving £500 bonus in his next salary.

11 June 2015 - OCS introduces new fleet vehicles.

OCS introduces new fleet vehicles.

OCS' reinforces its ongoing commitments to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, whilst improving safety and efficiency with the arrival of five new-shape Ford Transit Custom 270S vans.

After much research and consideration the new-generation Ford Transit has won the right to become OCS' preferred commercial vehicle and; like its predecessors before it, will be taking pride-of-place as the company's newest ambassador.

The Transit Custom is powered by an advanced and economical 2.2 litre Duratorq diesel engine coupled to a six speed manual transmission and is the first van in its segment to attain a maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating ! The striking design and contemporary styling allow the new-shape Ford Transit to offer new levels of performance and functionality with our drivers loving the improved ergonomics and comfort.

Why not tell us how many different OCS fleet vehicles you can spot on London's roads by tweeting us @ocsworldwide ?

27 May 2015 - OCS confirmed as Royal Mail's largest parcel consolidator.

OCS confirmed as Royal Mail's largest International parcel consolidator

Royal Mail has been an important OCS partner since the early emergence of International mail order. Although OCS is a leader in the provision of trackable ecommerce delivery, the need for a consistent, reliable and economical delivery for lower value merchandise has led to the partnership between OCS and Royal Mail developing strongly. In the twelve months to April 30th 2015, OCS entrusted over 2 million parcels to Royal Mail International untracked services, confirming OCS as the largest Royal Mail International parcel consolidator in terms of revenue.

OCS interfaces operationally with Royal Mail very flexibly to ensure parcels are despatched quickly and efficiently. Service is monitored independently by OCS with data shared for comparison and analysis. With direct airline despatches to most countries, often to multiple gateways, Royal Mail has a long and swift reach with smooth Postal Customs Clearance and a last-mile delivery by someone who probably knows the customer. The Royal Mail crest on the postal permit communicates quality to the recipient and makes the parcel immediately identifiable as coming from the United Kingdom.

OCS Managing Director Tim Jones was recently invited to address Royal Mail managers, focussing on the needs of the International ecommerce shipper, and how to continue to meet those needs as the market expands. A further example of the consultative and collaborative approach OCS takes to consistently provide quality, end-to-end delivery solutions.

For more information on how OCS and Royal Mail can help with International ecommerce delivery, please email Tim directly at

13 February 2015 - Expansion at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Expansion at Tokyo Haneda Airport

OCS now despatches direct from London to Tokyo Haneda Airport 7 days a week in partnership with British Airways.

UK shippers can now achieve delivery to Central Tokyo in 2 working days, with collections as late as 18:00.

ANA Boeing 767 Freighter at Tokyo Haneda Airport

All Nippon Airways operate a fleet of Boeing 767 cargo aircraft carrying the OCS logo linking Haneda with major Pacific Rim capitals.

For more information on the range of OCS express services to Japan and beyond, please contact our team on 0845 6789800.

06 October 2014 - Australia – quick, convenient & reliable.
With Australians having spent an estimated A$15.6 billion in the twelve months to July 2014, a record number of parcels have been moving through the OCS International ecommerce delivery network into all Australian gateways. Direct services to Australia operate from Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Singapore with imports co-ordinated through Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

A development team from OCS UK spent time in Sydney during August conducting process audits and finalising a new contract with Australia Post, the OCS last-mile partner in Australia since 2008. Australia Post has invested significantly in providing the most flexible, convenient and reliable options for every Australian to receive their mail. Accessed via the “Delivery Choices” web portal, recipients can track parcels, request delivery slots, redirect to Post Shops or even the growing number of convenient 24/7 Parcel Lockers.

Lance Farr, Finance Director of OCS UK, at the New South Wales State Headquarters of Australia Post

"One of the main objectives of the visit was to audit the reverse logistics process", comments Tim Jones, OCS UK Managing Director. "International shippers to Australia need a quick and easy mechanism for handling returns to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. OCS processes returns locally in Australia advising status to overseas shippers electronically facilitating instant refunds or exchanges. Goods can then be returned to origin with less urgency and at lower cost. Systems are working very well indeed."

For more information on ecommerce services from the UK to Australia or Worldwide please get in touch. One of our specialists will be pleased to assist.
29 September 2014 - OCS Worldwide support team member in charity sponsored walk
OCS Worldwide were pleased to be one of team member Sean Cromer’s many sponsors in his participation in the London Shine Night Walk Half Marathon at the weekend in aid of Cancer Research. This years Shine Night Walk took place on Saturday 27th September and started at Southwark Park, finishing at the iconic Old Billingsgate.

Shine is Cancer Research UK's night-time walking marathon open to men, women and children over 13 years. People from all over the UK join together for an incredible night in London to raise money for Cancer Research UK

Sean said: It went really well, I was all good up until about mile 8, but slowed right down then and started finding it tougher. However I still completed it in a good time so I'm pleased with that. I was also very pleased at how much I raised.

Well done Sean!

You can find out more about Shine by visiting
20 June 2014 - US Postal delivery – close to the action.

June saw OCS MD Tim Jones with the USPS in New York reviewing the handling of inbound Priority Mail from the UK.

OCS is one of Royal Mail's largest partners on the US route for untracked small parcel delivery. Royal Mail despatches daily to four US gateway cities to ensure the most efficient delivery of postal items. Although untracked, Royal Mail provides an excellent foundation service for ecommerce shippers with a requirement to reach the US market in a cost-effective, but reliable, convenient, and predictable way.

With direct Royal Mail hub access, OCS has established perhaps the most efficient postal interface for optimum delivery to the USA, further enhanced by the gravitas of the Royal Mail brand.

OCS operates a "tester" programme sending seed parcels to the USA on a daily basis and publishing the results for the freshest and most relevant insight into service levels. Further, OCS works closely with the USPS promoting the best understanding and feedback into the ongoing status of the US postal stream.

For shippers requiring a tracked, fully accountable US delivery service OCS accesses all USPS domestic services on a commercial basis via the USPS "Global Direct Entry" partnership programme. In June 2014 OCS became the principle partner of the programme, presenting the greatest number of parcels via the New York and Los Angeles gateways.

On June 16th a review of the OCS untracked postal traffic entering the US East Coast was carried out to better understand local processes and ensure UK parcel preparation was fully aligned to the US systems. Parcels were audited through the USPS New York hub at JFK and through to the regional hub at Bethpage. Parcels presented to Royal Mail on Friday June 13th at Heathrow were checked through both facilities on Monday June 16th for delivery over the following 2 days; a 3-4 day delivery from despatch.

Senior USPS staff and the OCS audit team at the huge regional USPS processing centre at Bethpage NY.

For more information on postal, trackable and express ecommerce services to the USA, please contact the team at

24 February 2014 - 'The Blues' take on Leicester City FC at St Andrew's.
OCS Worldwide were proud to be the main match sponsors at the Sky Bet Championship fixture.

Some of our clients were invited along to enjoy the hospitality event accompanied by Tim Jones – Managing Director, Lance Farr - Finance Director, Gary Billingham - Coventry depot Manager and Simon Riley - Coventry branch Supervisor.

The evening started with a tour of the stadium

Meeting the Blues Manager Lee Clark ...

The Blues warming up

Tour of the dressing room

Leading the teams out for the game

The game ...

A little half time advertising

Receiving a signed shirt after the match ...

Even with the final score being BCFC 1 – LCFC 2. A great time was had by all

OCS Worldwide have been the official logistics partner to Birmingham City FC since 2009 and maintain a strong relationship with our continued support of the club.
28 January 2014 - OCS Main BCFC sponsor for Leicester game
OCS Worldwide have been the official logistics partner to Birmingham City FC since 2009 and is proud to be the main match sponsors at the Sky Bet Championship Fixture against Leicester City at St Andrew’s this evening.
22 January 2014 - CT dressed for success ...
Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced tirrit) has been partnered with OCS for trackable overseas delivery for more than ten years.

With a firm focus on International expansion, Charles Tyrwhitt has seen enormous growth, particularly to the USA and Australia.

OCS is expert in ecommerce delivery and a market leader in reaching International customers quickly, conveniently and at a reasonable cost.

The success of Charles Tyrwhitt has led to the opening of a substantial new facility in Milton Keynes to accommodate the rapidly expanding business.

Tim Jones, OCS MD, with Pete Lemon, CT Head of Distribution, at the new CT hub in Milton Keynes

State-of-the-art order processing systems & latest technology to minimise handling
15 October 2013 - Transfer of Seabourne Group London and South East Courier Business to OCS Worldwide
OCS Worldwide and Seabourne Group have agreed to transfer Seabourne's London and South East Courier Business to OCS. This will create a bigger, more flexible operation with more resources to deliver the great service both OCS and Seabourne customers have come to expect.

Daniel Flitterman, Managing Director of Seabourne Group, said "We are delighted to have found a great home for Seabourne's loyal customers and staff. We wanted to find a like minded business with the same values as Seabourne, where customers come first with a can-do attitude to create the best solutions to meet their needs"

Tim Jones, Managing Director of OCS Worldwide, said "We are excited and proud to be bringing Seabourne's customers and staff into the OCS team. Seabourne have a reputation within the industry for great service and happy staff. We will do everything we can to ensure this continues"

OCS will assume total control for all courier requirements (i.e. quotations, bookings, collections, track and trace, invoicing etc.) from 1st November 2013. In the period leading up to that date Seabourne Group will continue to have total control and responsibility for all needs, whilst ensuring there is a smooth transition in readiness for the switch over.

From a practical perspective, there is absolutely no need for Seabourne customers to do anything differently. They can still call the same telephone number(s), speak to the same people, book on the Seabourne web booking system, track and trace via the same systems etc.

For any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Flitterman, Tim Jones or the usual Seabourne contacts.
01 August 2013 - OCS Worldwide come to the rescue ...
On Friday 12th July at 10.47am, our Coventry depot received an email from a client of ours, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Production line at the plant was at risk of suspension, an essential item of stock had run low. With only hours to spare before a 24/7 operation would cease we stepped in.13 pallets weighing around 2500kgs were made ready in south eastern Germany, for urgent transfer to Cowley, Oxfordshire in the UK.

This time critical request found us sourcing air charter. We located an aircraft ready to go in Frankfurt however this could only hold 9 of the 13 pallets. We contacted our client and gave them the option of chartering a bigger aircraft at a higher cost or utilising the smaller aircraft to collect 9 of the pallets to ensure their production line continued until the remaining 4 pallets followed by road.

With confirmation to proceed at 11.36am, we swung into action. 2 vehicles were dispatched from the local area to collect the 9 pallets travelling by air, and another to collect the remaining 4 that were to travel by road. OCS dispatched the aircraft from Frankfurt to Nurnberg to meet the 9 pallets thus saving over 2 hours in journey time.

After screening, loading and clearance from ATC the flight was in the air and on its way to London Oxford Airport (the nearest to Cowley) at 15.20.

The remaining 4 pallets had also been collected and were on route to the UK via road.

The aircraft arrived at London Oxford at 18.40 where we had a 7.5 tonne vehicle waiting to collect the 9 pallets. The lorry arrived at Cowley at 19.30 where it was met by a group of very grateful material planners and offloaded immediately. The whole transportation took less than 8 hours and the 9 pallets held enough material to run the plant for the weekend. The remaining 4 pallets were delivered at 6am on Monday 15th July at the request of the customer.
01 July 2013 - OCS Worldwide becomes the first USPS Global Direct Entry International partner.
Global Direct Entry (GDE), part of the USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler programme, facilitates approved mailing and logistics agents based outside the USA in accessing USPS domestic delivery services.

Providing processing software, flexible permits and marketing support, the USPS has removed many of the past complexities associated with accepting mail and parcels directly from overseas shippers.

OCS has been providing trackable direct injection USPS services since 2004 and is the first International agent to achieve full GDE approval.

OCS Worldwide MD Tim Jones comments: "With ecommerce volumes from the UK to the US growing strongly, participating in the GDE programme allows us to reach every address in the US quickly, accountably and economically. OCS provides the UK interface, transatlantic transfer and commercial Customs clearance into the USA. From there the USPS takes over providing the best possible service for trackable private address delivery."

For more information on the OCS GDE range of trackable ecommerce services, contact us via:
04 June 2013 - Q1 2013 ecommerce delivery performance to the USA & Australia best ever
Continuous improvement is at the core of OCS culture which is underlined by the best ever delivery performance for ecommerce orders to the USA & Australia through Q1 2013.


With the United States Post Service as the last-mile partner, average delivery time from shipper to customer was just 3.2 working days including Alaska & Hawaii. Service analysis included orders of all values destined to both company and private addresses.


With Australia Post as the last-mile partner and using Sydney as a gateway, average delivery times to Australian customers were:
StateDelivery days
New South Wales3.96
South Australia5.50
Western Australia7.21
NT & Tasmania6.45
The overall average delivery time to Australia was 4.7 working days.

OCS has been providing International ecommerce delivery services for more than ten years and continues to set the standard for speed, reliability and ease of use.

For more information on OCS ecommerce delivery, please contact our specialist team at
06 March 2013 - Exhibiting at The Delivery Conference 2013
OCS Worldwide enjoyed an immensely successful day exhibiting at the Metapack Delivery Conference held at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Our stand was packed for most of the day with well known customers and many potential new ones.

Left to right: Stephen Swann, Sales Consultant – Sarah Mason,
National Sales Manager – Nigel Moyes, Logistics Manager

Tim Jones - Managing Director

Tim Jones spoke with regard to Volumetric delivery and how to avoid these challenging costs for retailers.

A very productive day for us here at OCS Worldwide, with lots of positive feedback received.

For more information on this or any other news items, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
17 February 2013 - OCS MD in Australia
With ecommerce exports booming, OCS Worldwide’s MD Tim Jones finds himself in Sydney this week to discuss service enhancements with OCS Australia and our private address delivery partner, Australia Post.

Do you have business to Australia? Call the OCS team to see how we can help you reach your partners, customers and subsidiaries quickly and efficiently.
23 January 2013 - The Delivery Conference 2013

OCS Worldwide will this year be participating in The Delivery Conference hosted by Metapack at the Business Design Centre, Islington on February 7th 2013.

It is one of the first major conferences of the year, and is now established as one of the most relevant and important forums for the ecommerce community. Split into two streams, delegates can focus on "Delivery Innovation" or "Online Strategy" with presentations by senior industry figures.

Our own Managing Director, Tim Jones, will be at the lectern during the afternoon delivering a presentation entitled "Volume and how to kill it". Tim will be illustrating the innovative and flexible ways OCS Worldwide is able to keep International ecommerce delivery rates low, regardless of size to major markets such as the USA, Australia and Japan.

The event is supported by a showcase exhibition which will also prominently feature the OCS Worldwide team. "Every shipper is different so with face-to-face consultation essential, The Delivery Conference presents the perfect opportunity to engage with customers old and new" says OCS National Sales Manager Sarah Mason.

OCS ecommerce experts will be on-hand all day to provide information and ideas on all aspects of International distribution. Good news for retailers hoping to achieve customer satisfaction throughout the whole B2C experience.

To register or learn more about the delivery conference, visit
30 September 2012 - Olympic Presentation 2012
An Olympic shirt and hat was presented to Mr Hideo Yaguchi, President and CEO of OCS at the offices of OCS Japan in Tokyo.

Left to Right:
Mr K Mori, Mr L Farr, Mr H Yaguchi, Mr T Jones, Mr H Yanagida, Mr K Kato.

The presentation was made by the Managing Director of OCS London, Mr Tim Jones, on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony, July 27th 2012.

In attendance were Mr Lance Farr, OCS London Finance Director and senior management of the OCS Japan Global Strategy Division.
30 March 2012 - Imposter posing as OCS Worldwide
Over the past few days it appears some scammers have tried to use the identity of OCS London as part of a property rental fraud.

The scammer claims OCS will independently hold rental pre-payments in order to persuade people to send money to them.
Please be aware that we DO NOT offer this service!

We are working hard to see what can be done. This scam is nothing to do with OCS London and we are trying to resolve this as soon as possible.

For more information on this or any other news items, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
27 February 2012 - 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Preparation
27th July - 9th September
OCS Worldwide are currently looking at ways to minimise disruption and provide additional services to our clients where required during the upcoming 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games.

We provide a 24-7 operation from our Head Office at Heathrow and can maintain a flexible approach to clients requirements. We anticipate that the games security measures and road closures will impact on London's road and transport network and some delays may occur, however we will endeavour to ensure deliveries and collections remain fluid during this period.

Road Closures
OCS Worldwide are excited to be part of the city hosting the games that will take place during July, August and September 2012.

Aside from the additional amount of people in the capital, a number of measures are planned by Transport for London (TfL) to ensure the smooth movement of athletes, diplomats and media, including; dedicated lanes on some roads and partial restrictions on traffic between 09.00 and 24.00 daily.

The majority of the affected routes are in London where most of the sporting venues are located and a series of temporary road restrictions will mean that some routes will be busier than usual, with locations harder to access. Collections and deliveries are expected to be affected in the areas surrounding these venues and on all roads leading up to them.

Maps are available to download from

Our Operations Team are implementing a number of changes to ensure we can continue to operate as close to normal as possible during the Games and are currently compiling a full and comprehensive operational contingency plan.

Contact with customers has already commenced and will continue until the games are completed in September.

Also, please be advised that both the route networks are still subject to revision and that traffic restrictions will be further added due to crowd control and traffic management issues. The ODA and TFL are currently advising that finalised plans will continue to be updated until the start of the events.

Events list
Here is a list of events that we believe will have the most impact on roads in London.
Road Event Location Date Start Finish
Olympic Games
Cycling - Road Race (Men) The Mall 28 July 10:00 16:15
Cycling - Road Race (Women) The Mall 29 July 12:00 16:15
Cycling - Time Trial (Women & Men) Hampton Court Palace 1 August 10:00 16:15
Triathlon (Women) Hyde Park 4 August 9:00 11:40
Athletics - Race Walk 20km (Men) The Mall 4 August 17:00 18:30
Marathon (Women) London (various) 5 August 11:00 14:00
Triathlon (Men) Hyde Park 7 August 11:30 14:00
Athletics - Race Walk 50km (Men) The Mall 11 August 09:00 13:20
Athletics - Race Walk 20km (Women) The Mall 11 August 11:00 14:00
Marathon (Men) London (various) 12 August 11:00 13:40
Paralympic Games
Road Cycling Brands Hatch 5-8 September 09:00 18:00
Marathon London (various) 9 September 09:00 12:00

The Olympic torch will be traveling throughout the UK and Ireland from the 19th of May until the opening ceremony on the 27th of July. This will also cause some roads to be closed before the games begin. Visit: to learn which areas will be affected on each day.

Earls Court, the ExCel Arena, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Lord’s Cricket Ground and of course, the Olympic Stadium itself will also at times be affected by large amounts of traffic. Visit the official website of the Olympic and Paralympic games for further information. What OCS Worldwide are doing:
  • Foot couriers and double manning some vehicles where appropriate. Evening residential collections from customers working from home throughout the Games using our unique 'flexible direct' operation.
  • Trained dedicated staff at our Heathrow depot, on hand to advise clients during the Olympics and ensure the exact requirements of our customers in affected areas are met.
  • OCS Worldwide has operated a specialist delivery service during the night, 7 nights a week since 1988. This infrastructure is being developed and expanded to offer timed night-time collection and delivery to those customers able to support the service.
  • Our Heathrow depot is a fully functional hub during weekends to ensure shipments collected out of hours are still delivered in the fastest time. Additional storage space will be available in the warehouse facilities for clients use. Documents, parcels and pallets can all be accommodated within the OCS inventory control system for the Olympic period and beyond.
31 January 2012 - OCS Worldwide complete charity delivery in Kenya
OCS Worldwide were pleased to recently be of help to one of our customers with a charity shipment of football shirts overseas.

The Facility Director of the company approached us directly, as they visit the town of Kilifi in Kenya every year and support their local charity.

The goods arrived safely and were greatly appreciated ...

We at OCS were also more than happy to contribute to the charity by adding some of our own OCS baseball caps to the consignment.

Smiles all round ...

22 December 2011 - China Daily European Weekly
First established in 1981, China Daily has the largest circulation of any English language newspaper in China and is widely accepted as providing the "window into China" and China's news.

The ACE Launch of the Year award follows the introduction of China Daily European Weekly in the UK and continental Europe in December last year. It is distributed across 38 countries.

The ACE said of the publication: "A terrific long-term commitment to international circulation with an integrated strategy to develop sales."

The association, conceived 60 years ago, is an exclusive organization for newspaper and magazine circulation and distribution managers. It is best known for its educational initiatives and the Press and International Awards.

OCS is proud to support China Daily European Weekly through the provision of subscription management, data processing and newspaper distribution services. Printed in both the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, OCS co-ordinates local and International distribution from printers in London and Belgium, reaching subscribers across Europe quickly and consistently.

For more information about China Daily European Weekly and to subscribe, please go to
08 December 2011 - OCS Worldwide install storage system for Coventry facility
Shelving and storage company, Rapid Racking, has completed a large scale installation for OCS Worldwide, Coventry.

OCS Worldwide required an efficient storage system to accommodate up to 1,300 pallets within our 885m2 premises in Coventry.

Gary Billingham depot manager at OCS Coventry called in Rapid Racking; the Cotswold's based specialists to provide the most suitable storage structure.

OCS Worldwide have been left with a storage and distribution centre fitted not only with a racking system able to accommodate the required number of pallets, but also a system that enhances safety and efficiencies in the business operation. Complete with a practical and bespoke pallet racking system specifically designed for the site's operation.

"The skill to construct an installation of this scale in such a short time was very impressive" Gary Billingham Branch Manager OCS Coventry.
31 November 2011 - OCS network conference 2011
It was attended by a delegation from the UK of Tim Jones - Managing Director, Nigel Moyes - Logistics Manager, Adrian Yates - Heathrow Operations Manager and Gary Billingham - Coventry Depot Manager.

Joined by colleagues from many other European OCS offices, the conference enabled the exchange of ideas between all in attendance.

Inventory management presentation by Tim Jones - MD
19 October 2011 - OCS Worldwide signs for Coventry point the way
OCS Worldwide have recently acquired new signs for our second logistics centre in Coventry.

This facility is mainly used for storage and we had many couriers trying to locate us to complete deliveries. To assist this we sought the help of a local sign writing company that produced a 10’ x 5’ sign for the front of the building, and two road signs directing traffic to our location.

Gary Billingham, manager of the multi-site OCS Midlands logistics business division stated:
‘Two days after completion of this project, a business on the same estate approached OCS Worldwide for a pricing structure to ship overseas. They advised they were not aware we existed or of the services we provided until the signs went up’.

For more information on our storage and distribution operation, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
13 October 2011 - Free LEGO toys are back!
OCS Worldwide are once again proud to have been entrusted with the fulfilment and delivery of the new batch of Lego toys for the latest Sun newspaper promotion.

Toys again arrived from Europe at the OCS Logistics centre in Coventry for processing and onward dispatch to Lego’s own stores in the UK, and to newspaper wholesalers for ultimate distribution to retail outlets.

OCS Worldwide managed the inventory, from receipt of product, to order picking & packing, to final delivery for the entire project, helping to ensure on time, safe arrival of the individual toys to stores throughout the UK & Ireland.

For more information on how OCS can support your business, contact us directly.
22 August 2011 - West Ham United 2011/12 season kit launch

Upton Park - home of West Ham United

With a fan base across the globe, West Ham chose OCS to co-ordinate and distribute the 2011 replica kits with a day-definate target of July 27th, wherever in the world fans may reside.

Nick Twidale - Oyster Bay, NSW, Australia

July 27th 2011 - release day for the 2011/12 season West Ham United home kit.

Available for pre-order for several weeks in advance, Wednesday July 27th was the day when West Ham fans around the world looked forward to getting their hands on the new season's shirt design

Gavin Tyler - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

OCS Regional Operations Manager Adrian Yates:
"By processing the orders as they were made by the fans and moving the shirts around the OCS Network in advance, we were able to manage the huge volume very efficiently. Each delivery depot could prepare in advance to ensure routes were planned and resources available to ensure fans weren't disappointed. Despite the large number of private address deliveries, with the challenge of absent consignees, well over 90% of fans received their order on July 27th - Worldwide"

Need a global delivery solution?
Call OCS Worldwide - 0845 6789800
01 September 2011 - OCS Worldwide exhibit at NAFSA, Vancouver
This year's conference attracted over 9,000 attendees from the international education community.

We at OCS Worldwide are proud to be part of this dynamic expo and to be a perennial Exhibitor and Global Partner. We hope you had a chance to visit us.

We have been working with some of the leading providers of educational services as their official carrier to international recruitment events.

To find out how we can assist you logistically and help make your event a success, please contact us as follows:

Mrs Carmen Jones, International Fairs Manager
Tel 0207 640 3910
27 June 2011 - West Ham 'Kick Off' with OCS Worldwide
As the chosen distribution provider to several major sporting clubs, OCS Worldwide are proud to announce their new partnership with West Ham United FC.

With bespoke solutions designed for the club and their global fan base, OCS Worldwide will be delivering West Ham merchandise, from club kit, to mugs, to scarf's & flags, to garden gnomes. With kit launch fast approaching and the new season soon upon us, Football is life...Get in the game!

With OCS its Personal.........

'After deciding to end what has been a great partnership with our previous provider who operated our online store, West Ham United chose to move forward and give our supporters one united product offering run by the club ourselves.
With careful consideration we decided to partner with respected courier firm OCS Worldwide. We believe OCS will provide a secure couriered delivery for all of our customers to ensure their West Ham goods are received in a timely and safe manner.'

Debbie Silver, Head of Retail & Ticketing.
17 May 2011 - OCS helps The Sun build with Lego!
May 14th saw the The Sun launch a major promotion giving readers an opportunity to redeem free Lego toys on presentation of an in-paper voucher at branches of WH Smith and Toys R Us.

Toys arrived from Denmark at the OCS Logistics Centre in Coventry for processing and onward despatch to the retail outlets.

Gary Billingham, manager of the multi-site OCS Midlands logistics business division stated:

"Toys only arrived shortly before they were due in-store so timelines were tight. Inventory had to be controlled closely as the right quantities needed to be in the right store on the right day. With the country's biggest selling paper and one of the world's most popular toys, the quantities were huge and no margin for error"

Gary Billingham listening to advice from OCS Logistics Manager Nigel Moyes
For more information on how OCS can support your business, contact us directly.
19 April 2011 - Exhibiting at MEDS 2011
OCS Worldwide enjoyed a successful day exhibiting at MEDS (Mail & Express delivery show) at Novotel, Hammersmith.

The show was a perfect way to communicate our range of bespoke international & domestic e-commerce solutions for existing and potential customers.

MD Tim Jones impressed the audience with his presentation on ‘How to satisfy the global e-commerce requirement’ and was in turn presented with a large chocolate birthday cake.

Overall, a very productive day and our corporate cupcakes were a big hit!

For more information on this or any other news items, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
05 April 2011 - Japan – disaster update
We are pleased to confirm resumption of service to Kuji City, Kamaishi City, Kamiheii-gun, Shimoheii-gun, and Watari-gun.

However, service remains suspended to the following areas:
Fukushima:Minami Souma City
Iwate:Oofunato City
Rikuzen Takada City
Miyagi:Ishinomaki City
Higashi-Matsushima City
Kesennuma City

Where delivery is available to these prefectures, some delays may still be experienced.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.

For more information on shipments to or from Japan please use our tracking tool at or contact our customer service staff on 0845 6789800.

Update: April 4th 12:00

We are pleased to confirm the resumption of delivery to all prefectures with the following exceptions:
Fukushima:Minami Souma City
Iwate:Oofunato City
Rikuzen Takada City
Kuji City
Kamaishi City
Miyagi:Ishinomaki City
Higashi-Matsushima City
Kesennuma City

Where delivery is available to these prefectures, some delays may still be experienced.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.


Update: March 25th 10:00

We are pleased to confirm the resumption of delivery to all prefectures with the following exceptions:
Fukushima:Minami Souma City
Iwate:Oofunato City
Rikuzen Takada City
Kuji City
Kamaishi City
Miyagi:Ishinomaki City
Higashi-Matsushima City
Kesennuma City

Where delivery is available to these prefectures, some delays may still be experienced.

Special delivery and timed delivery services are suspended due to limited fuel availability.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.


Update: March 22nd 11:00

We are pleased to confirm the resumption of delivery to:

Akita, Aomori, Hokkaido and Yamagata.

Delivery to these areas is still subject to delay but is available. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for these areas. Service remains suspended to:

Fukushima, Ibaraki, Iwate and Miyagi.

Special delivery and timed delivery services are suspended due to limited fuel availability.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.


Update: March 21st 14:00

Courier material continues to be sent daily to Japan. Minor delays are affecting some shipments to Northern and Central Japan due to damage to some of the cargo handling facilities at Narita Airport. Delivery times to Osaka and Southern Japan are now back to normal.

Service remains suspended to:

Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata.

Special delivery and timed delivery services are suspended due to limited fuel availability.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.


Update: March 17th 11:30

OCS continues to export courier material from the UK to Japan although local delivery schedules are subject to delay.

Service remains suspended to:

Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata.

Additionally, service is now suspended to Ibaraki.

Special delivery and timed delivery services are suspended due to limited fuel availability.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.

Service is liable to change according to local circumstances.


Update: March 15th 11:00

Courier collection and delivery service in central Tokyo has resumed and operating to the usual schedule.

Transfers to OCS stations in Osaka and Nagoya are operating normally.

Delivery service remains suspended to:

Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata

Special delivery and timed delivery services are suspended due to limited fuel availability.

Courier and cargo to restricted areas can be held for collection at the OCS facilities in Narita or Tokyo if required.


Japan – disaster update March 14th 14:00

A large earthquake followed by a tsunami hit eastern Japan on March 11th.

There has been enormous loss-of-life and damage to infrastructure.

We are deeply sorry for all those directly and indirectly affected but glad to report that all OCS staff and their families in Japan are safe.

OCS facilities have not sustained serious damage but service is affected by the need to give priority to the relief effort and by power and fuel shortages.

Until further notice, delivery service to the following areas is suspended:

Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Hokkaido, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata

Service to the rest of Japan is available but subject to delay.

Flights are operating from London to Tokyo and courier material is being despatched daily.
23 March 2011 - OCS MD to speak at MEDS 2011
OCS MD, Tim Jones, has been invited to speak at the prestigious Mail & Express Delivery Show (MEDS) being held at the Novotel Hammersmith on April 7th.

MEDS offers a range of leading industry speakers on a range of relevant distribution topics through a 4 track agenda, allowing delegates to select those subjects relevant to their business. The event is supported by a showcase exhibition which will also prominently feature the OCS team.

To register or learn more about MEDS visit

For more information on this or any other news items, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
01 March 2011 - Pick and pack Extra goes live
OCS Worldwide now have the answer to your storage and pick and pack needs.

Our brand new online distribution management solution has been operational for several months and is now fully tested and ready for introduction to all our customers.

It is set up with you in mind; ease of use and you can even see what you are ordering! Key features include:
  • Photographs on line of your stock items
  • Real time access via the OCS Worldwide website
  • Real time ordering
  • Real time stock availability
Using new, dedicated warehouse facilities our aim is to help your operation to run more efficiently and take the headache out of inventory management. With the OCS network able to deliver all around the world, this could become an integral part of your Just in Time stock system.
For more information please contact our sales team on
01 February 2011 - Extra storage facilities for OCS
OCS Worldwide are pleased to announce the opening of an additional warehouse in Coventry.

Situated by the airport and very close to our Coventry depot, this warehouse is just under 10,000 square feet and will be able to store up to 1,300 pallets.

OCS Worldwide offer a range of high security, multi-purpose storage and distribution facilities, each of which are connected to our global freight network. Working closely with you, we can develop a bespoke solution including; inventory management, dispatch of goods, delivery tracking and pick and pack services."
For more information on our storage and distribution operation, please email us via the contact us page or call us on 0845 678 9800.
13 October 2010 - Restore your classic motorbike with parts delivered by OCS
Across the UK there are small businesses that are generating revenue for UK plc by selling classic bike parts across the world. OCS has teamed up with many of these innovative companies to provide a delivery method that is cost effective and timely. The main issue was finding a solution that was going to enable large, relatively light items to travel across the world without the prohibitive costs that are normally associated with this and understanding the Customs quirks of the main markets for these products. Most classic bike restorers and riders are happy to pay for the spares, but don't like excessive delivery charges and add ons. OCS has developed some unique mechanisms to the main overseas markets in the USA, Australia and Japan. The items will get delivered from 2 to 10 days and won't cost the earth.

Danny Page from Burton Bike Bits ( said "I was frustrated by the poor and expensive service that I was getting from my supplier and the fact they could never give me a clear picture of the Customs issues in each of my main export markets. OCS have managed to take all the headaches away from the process and you can even talk to the MD who is also a bike enthusiast".

If you have classic parts that you need shipping around the world please contact us and we'll be in touch
15 September 2010 - OCS Logo on ANA's Cargo Freighter
Global Partnership now showing here!

Following ANA's investment in OCS Worldwide last year the ANA cargo freighter fleet now carries the OCS brand along side it's own.

This demonstrates ANA's commitment to OCS and shows the fantastic opportunity that OCS now has with the freight options now available within the group, and, of course, it looks great!

01 September 2010 - New OCS Worldwide website
OCS Worldwide launches a brand new website, which is focused on better meeting customer requirements, will offer a more user-friendly access to all international and domestic courier delivery services, logistics and global mail services.

The newly designed website integrates all OCS Worldwide products with a vibrant new look, new content, significant layout updates and features an improved tracking functionality.
01 September 2010 - New Japanese Box Pack Service
OCS Worldwide are happy to introduce our new Japanese Box Pack Service.
Providing individuals with a low cost delivery option for sending goods from the UK to Japan, this service is available for items that would normally attract expensive airline excess baggage rates with the additional benefit of direct customs clearance, delivery at destination and includes the supply of OCS boxes.
  • Box size 40x50x50cms
  • Full online track and trace facilities available
  • Japanese speaking personnel
  • All Major credit cards accepted
For more information on the Japanese Box Pack Service email or call us on 0845 678 9800
04 January 2010 - Doors open on new logistics depot OCS Worldwide Coventry

Doors open on new logistics depot OCS Worldwide Coventry

OCS Worldwide has established a dynamic presence in the Midlands in the shape of a new high security, multi-purpose storage & distribution depot facility in Coventry.

The state-of-the-art storage facility operates in tandem with the domestic and international courier delivery service to offer customers in the Midlands and around the country a complete outsourced solution for their supply chain requirements.

Depot General Manager Gary Billingham says: "We have a fantastic new facility here in Coventry and one that considerably improves the working environment for our people. Being located close to the previous Midlands depot means we have been able to retain most of our existing employees."

"The new depot can offer our customers management of the complete logistics process, collecting, storing and distributing infrastructure and materials anywhere in the world, allowing them to concentrate on their core business."
01 July 2009 - Asia / Expansion in London
Further to significant investment in OCS Japan earlier this year, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced the full integration of its Asian express parcel business into the OCS Network. ANA previously operated an express parcel system in Asia in partnership with Nippon Express and Kintetsu World Express, known as “ALLEX”. This will now merge fully with OCS and operate under the OCS brand.

ANA will open a new hub complex in Okinawa this autumn providing express air connections to Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka using Boeing B767 freighters. The expansion of the OCS brand in Asia and the capacity the new Okinawa hub provides, firmly places OCS as the natural choice for distribution within the region and inbound from Europe and the USA.
Okinawa is located south of the main islands of Japan and within 4 hours flying time of most key Asian business centres.
OCS in London has also recently completed a major redevelopment programme involving the relocation of Head Office functions from Central London to Heathrow Airport and the opening of a new newspaper logistics centre in South East London. Senior Management completed an MBO of the London OCS agency in November 2008 triggered by shareholder retirement. The transaction was completed with the full support of OCS Japan.

Taiji Oshiya – President of OCS Europe:

The London agency of OCS has the largest infrastructure outside Japan and will benefit significantly from the developments in Asia led by ANA. Delivery times for express parcels and cargo will reduce and flexibility increase. Where a door-to-door service with full accountability is required, OCS has few rivals. For more information on OCS services to Asia and Worldwide visit us at or call 0845 678 9800
18 September 2008 - New! Scheduled weekend collection and despatch

OCS Worldwide launches weekend courier collections within the M25

With working hours becoming ever more fluid, OCS Worldwide is responding to business demand by providing a weekend courier collection service to companies within the M25.

As part of a truly global network, OCS Worldwide operates a comprehensive daily export schedule, including weekends. Consignments are despatched promptly, 7 days a week. Service examples are:
Saturday by 14:00Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Nairobi.Monday
Sunday by 10:00Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Jo’burg, New York, UKMonday
Weekend collections must be booked by 18:00 Friday and are subject to a £45 surcharge per pick-up, regardless of the number of items collected.

For more information on the OCS Worldwide weekend services, please call 0845 678 9800.
10 September 2008 - Priority Mail Delivers Great Savings
OCS Worldwide has a Global Infrastructure to provide fast and low-cost Priority Mail delivery for all types of international mail. Our international portfolio includes business mail, product distribution, direct mail, magazines, company newsletters and promotions.

Utilising a matrix of overseas postal administrations, coupled with our own powerful courier distribution network, OCS can provide savings in excess of 25% compared with the traditional Post Office. We are an experienced export mail operator, able to offer tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Free collection
  • No sorting
  • No franking
  • Priority delivery
OCS Worldwide is a major distributor of newspapers and magazines with in-house printing, insertion, polywrapping and lettershop services. Save space, time and money by taking advantage of the comprehensive fulfilment services OCS provide.
Mail order business to the USA? OCS provides unique parcel direct injection services which include Customs clearance.

For more information on the OCS Worldwide international mail and fulfilment services, please call 0845 6789800 or Click Here.

OCS International Mail Centre in London
29 August 2008 - OCS Worldwide selects Ford as 2008 fleet partner
In July 2008, OCS Worldwide embarked upon the implementation of a new fleet of 38 Ford Transits to include 260 SWB’s, 350 MWB’s, 350 LWB’s and Jumbo’s.

These vehicles have additional safety features to include ESP, anti-hijacking device and reversing sensors, which assists us with our ongoing attempts to lower our incident/accident risks. Not only does this allow us to negotiate lower insurance premiums but this also helps our Company to maintain our Duty of Care obligations whilst protecting the Health and Safety of the General Public and our drivers.

These liveried vehicles offer a more professional image and, with the car-like interior, our drivers find these vehicles more comfortable and easy to use.
The new Ford Transit is equipped with the latest common-rail diesel engine offering lower class-leading levels of emission and fuel economy. This helps OCS Worldwide to meet our environmental targets.
01 June 2008 - Selfship - despatch without leaving your desk!
Selfship is a web based system which simplifies the preparation of the necessary documentation for sending courier shipments nationally and internationally.

Selfship has been developed by the OCS Worldwide IT team in London who believe it to be the most flexible and user-friendly application in the industry. Functionality includes an expanding recipient directory, tracking, tracing, reporting and automated email collection requests.

Selfship allows individual members of a large team to keep track of their despatches without the need for central processing, and immediate information on delivery and status.

Selfship technicians are available to demonstrate the benefits of this flexible system at your location and convenience.

Selfship just requires a PC with at least 32Mb of memory, internet connection and a plain paper printer. No software needs to be installed on your PC. To learn more about Self-Ship please browse our user guide at Welcome to OCS Selfship
call 0845 678 9800 or email