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03 October 2023 - New Additions to the OCS Fleet
Introducing our latest additions to the fleet - the stunning DAF xg530 ssc ft trucks paired with sleek Krone mega box trailers.

Decked out in our eye-catching corporate livery, these beauties were commissioned in record time to meet the high standards of one of our esteemed blue chip clients. We're thrilled to announce that they've now found their new home at our Head Office, ready to take on the road and support our booming e-commerce and fulfilment portfolios.

13 September 2023 - Visitors from Japan

OCS UK was very happy to welcome Ayako Nakagomi and Kazuhiro Osawa from OCS Japan to the OCS Heathrow Hub today.

OCS UK has enjoyed close ties with OCS Japan for more than 60 years. The partnership began with newspaper distribution in the 1950s but has continuously evolved with ecommerce delivery, aircraft spares distribution, print logistics and general airfreight now the core areas of co-operation.

Ayako is pictured with Jason Wills, Customer Service Manager, and Tim Jones, Managing Director.








21 August 2023 - Scurri integrates with OCS Worldwide to extend cross-border delivery offering

Scurri- the next generation delivery management platform, today announces a strategic partnership with OCS Worldwide, the specialist cross-border courier, logistics and shipping provider, extending the global reach of brands and retailers on the Scurri platform.






25 July 2023 - BIFA warns of 'very real risk' of acting as a direct representative.

BIFA (British International Freight Association) has urged its members to be more cautious while acting as ‘indirect representatives’ for customs clearance. This is following a notable increase in HMRC actions against freight forwarders failing to account for and pay the correct duties and taxes on GB imports.






25 July 2023 - Powerlete joins our growing fulfilment family
It's another exciting day at our Coventry 3PL facility as we welcome Powerlete to into our fulfilment operation. This collaboration is all about combining strengths and making your shopping experience even more convenient and exciting. Powerlete have been making waves in the active wear market with their cutting-edge designs and high-performance fabrics tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With a rapidly growing customer base and a commitment to delivering quality products, quickly the brand owners recognised the need for a robust fulfilment solution in order to meet their increasing demand, while maintaining the highest possible level of service.

By leveraging OCS fulfilment capabilities and extensive distribution network, Powerlete aims to accelerate order processing and shipping times. This means customers can look forward to receiving their orders faster and with greater reliability.


13 July 2023 - Two new trucks added to our growing fleet
A busy day for our Fleet Manager today getting our two brand new DAF XG 530 tractors ready to join our growing EU network. The two new additions are latest generation, 23 plates, giving us increased fuel efficiency through improved aerodynamics and engine performance.

12 July 2023 - OCS is now on Instagram, follow us!

Were officially on Instagram! Follow us @ocsworldwideuk on Instagram to stay connected and be the first to know about our latest updates.








10 July 2023 - OCS attends Retail without borders event in London

This event promises to be a fantastic opportunity to elevate your international sales.
Looking for some help? Stop and have a chat with our experts about how we can help your business grow internationally.






03 April 2023 - OCS adds another electric vehicle to the growing fleet

A great day for OCS, taking delivery of our newly liveried electric vehicle. The introduction and proposed expansion of London’s clean air zone (ULEZ) means electrifying our fleet has never been more important so we hope to add more vehicles like this one in the future.






22 June 2022 - Pouch threat recedes – June 20th 2022
Back in March the USPS published a rule for consideration which would limit selvage on pouches to just 2 inches.

"Selvage" is the excess, unfilled, part of a pouch beyond its contents.

The proposal was driven by USPS concerns that parcels with excess soft packing can jam machinery and be more susceptible to damage.

Efficiency of parcel packing remains under scrutiny as all carriers, not just the USPS, seek to improve handling and reduce cost. April saw the USPS surcharge parcels with a single side exceeding 22 inches and further surcharge bulky parcels with a volume excluding 2 cubic feet. Matching goods to packaging is now more than ever an essential part of a smooth and cost-effective delivery journey.

The USPS has just announced, that after customer and logistics industry consultations, they will not proceed with the tightening of the soft package rules ... for now ...
10 June 2022 - Colorado Retail Delivery Fees - June 10th 2022
From July 1st the US State of Colorado is introducing a “Retail Delivery Fee” of $0.27 per parcel for ecommerce home delivery. The payment of the fee will be the responsibility of the party making the sale be they a retailer or platform.

The new fees will be remitted directly to the state by the seller in a similar way to the reporting and payment of Colorado sales tax.

Only retailers which trade less than $100,000 per year within Colorado and have no physical establishment within the State are exempt as they are not required to be registered for Colorado sales tax. However, consumers (including private individuals) buying from unregistered retailers must pay it directly as “consumer use tax” as part of their annual tax return.

All ecommerce consumers in Colorado are liable for sales taxes whether they are collected via the seller or directly remitted. If collected via the seller the new Retail Delivery Fee will also become applicable from July.

For more information on the new Colorado Retail Fee please visit

For more information on Colorado Sales Tax for out-of-State businesses please visit

For more information on Colorado Consumer Use Tax please visit

OCS recommends that all retailers selling internationally take advice on tax and trade from a suitable expert to ensure compliance appropriate to their circumstances.
07 February 2022 - Amazon Service Partner Accreditation

OCS Worldwide is proudly recognised as a Service Partner by Amazon for the support and services it extends to Amazon marketplace sellers.

Amazon sellers that list products for sale on the various Amazon marketplaces ( / .com / .de / .fr etc.) are able to access a range of OCS Worldwide services, including;
  • International Delivery
  • International Returns
  • Storage
From our 3PL fulfilment centre in Coventry we can support and assist sellers across the variety of selling modes available within the Amazon Seller Central system, such as;

  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Merchant Fulfilled
  • Vendor Central
Contact us at if you would like to talk to one of our specialists about storage and delivery to Amazon locations, out-soucing you pick-and-pack operation or simply just ensuring your Amazon orders reach consumers worldwide within the strict Amazon SLA structures.
09 July 2021 - IOSS – One week in - July 9th 2021

No delays, no disruption, a smooth EU cross-border process.

In partnership with ALS Douane France, OCS provides end-to-end ecommerce distribution solutions using a range of Customs clearance options:
  • IOSS clearance for parcels with an intrinsic value of up to €150.
  • B2B2C processing for suitably established retailers for goods of all values.
  • Bespoke IOSS declaration for commodities unsuitable for the reduced H7 dataset submission.
  • Non-IOSS clearance for goods of all values into France.
  • Duty drawback on qualifying returns.
UK export and EU import channels are co-ordinated and fully automated with trailers completing EU import formalities promptly.

The OCS EU team is ready to help –
01 July 2021 - European Union distribution – July 1st 2021
OCS is proud to report a smooth transition for GB retailers accessing the EU markets, under the IOSS VAT scheme which becomes effective today. OCS partnered with experienced French customs specialist ALS Douane for Brexit preparations and has since expanded the co-operation for the implementation of the IOSS VAT requirements.

New data transmission protocols together with revised retailer VAT management processes have been a daunting post-Brexit prospect, but DDP orders via the OCS network can continue to move through compliant and efficient customs and logistics mechanisms.

OCS now provides EU distribution via IOSS, B2B2C and direct-entry processes, facilitating parcels of all values dependent on customer requirements. This is further enhanced by the ability to "draw-back" any VAT and/or Duty paid to the FR customs on the outbound journey for goods that ultimately get returned.

The combined OCS & ALS system has processed millions of Euros of draw-back claims on goods returned by EU consumers to GB retailers since January 2021. The physical goods are re-imported into GB and returned to the retailers for re-stocking into their inventory.

Today is "Day 1" under the new regime and after a huge amount of planning, preparation, execution and testing the OCS and ALS teams are delighted to confirm that all the cross-border processes, IT integrations, customs declarations and logistics systems completed and in order for the benefit of GB retailers from the outset.

Contact us to discuss how the ALS / OCS partnership can help you reach EU markets in an accountable and compliant way.

Mail for a prompt response.
15 June 2021 - EU VAT Regime Update (Effective 01.07.2021)
This update is based upon our current understanding from a logistics and clearance perspective in respect of IOSS and the new EU VAT regime, effective on the 1st of July 2021. Shippers are reminded to take tax and trade advice specific to their individual situation. Trading practices vary and OCS is neither a tax, nor a trade advisor.

IOSS Shipments (<€150)

The OCS Premium DDP service will remain available from the 1st of July 2021 for IOSS registered shipments. Imports will be through France & Ireland and the service will cover all EU member states. Your Premium DDP tariff will remain effective, but without recharge of import VAT by OCS. The clearance fee of £1.50 / parcel will still apply. In order to use the IOSS mechanism your IOSS registration details will need to be transmitted in the manifest data at a “Package” level.

"HV" (High Value Shipments, >€150)

DDP Clearance for High Value shipments will be available to France & Ireland. Additional import locations are being evaluated and tested in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Where direct services are not available for HV shipments cleared on a DDP basis, DAP (DDU) services will default.


If your IOSS registration number is unavailable, or you decide not to register for IOSS your EU parcels will be shipped under the DAP (DDU) incoterm from the 1st of July onwards.

Please make contact with your OCS Account Manager, providing your IOSS registration details when available, and to ensure your service preferences are configured correctly ahead of the deadline.
12 May 2021 - Important EU VAT Changes (IOSS)
The PDF below is available for download. It provides practical guidance on how to prepare for "IOSS", the new EU VAT regime that comes into force on the 1st of July 2021. All shippers that wish to send to the EU on a DDP basis from the effective date will need to be registered and provide their unique IOSS registration details to OCS Worldwide. If you ship DDP to the EU with OCS currently your OCS Account Manager will be in touch shortly to discuss how your preparations for this significant change are progressing. In the meantime if you have any questions or require any additional support please don't hesitate to contact us; / +44 (0) 20 7640 3800

Click on Important EU VAT Changes (IOSS) for download PDF file

Please note that individual retailers situations can vary considerably, so while OCS can support with practical advice on how to comply with the new IOSS VAT regime from a transporters perspective we are not tax advisers. Retailers are encouraged to take advice and guidance from trade or taxation specialists as required.

07 April 2021 - 100th EU trailer
This week saw the export of the 100th OCS ecommerce trailer depart the UK packed with parcels for EU distribution.

Since the first post-Brexit operation on January 4th, trucks have run smoothly accessing the major EU domestic networks via hubs in France and Germany.

Parcels complete EU Customs formalities on a DDP basis with all taxes met by the UK retailers.

Since early March returns services have commenced with 4-5 weekly trailers bringing back returned orders from EU consumers.

OCS has taken delivery of 2 new DAF tractor units to support EU surface operations, each with a gently modified livery to reflect the fast developing EU channel.
02 November 2020 - Shipping ecommerce orders in 2021, changes to prepare for now
The PDF below is available for download. It explains the need for accurate and comprehensive order data sets, and provides practical guidance on how to prepare for the changes that are coming in on the 1st of January 2021. A full and comprehensive example data set is also available from your OCS Account Manager or Customer Service contact.

Your OCS Account Manager will shortly be making contact with you to discuss your preferences for how any EU duties and taxes are handled post-transition and also to discuss how your preparations are going.

If you require any additional support at any point please don’t hesitate to contact us.

+44 (0) 20 7640 3800

Data & Brexit Guide.pdf