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Avoid the Canadian Postal Delays...

The designated operator for Canada, Canada Post is reporting severe delays on incoming postal items shipped from overseas. The cause is reported as being due to the on-going impact of COVID-19, coupled with a record breaking up-surge in volume as Canadians are shopping more online than ever before.

The delays are also being reported by Royal Mail and other Postal Operators with an ‘unknown’ impact on the likely delivery time-frames, but the good news is the bottle-necks in Canada can be avoided.

OCS Worldwide clients can access the Canada Post network through the OCS Premium service to Canada. OCS Premium is inducted into the far more resilient and robust ‘Commercial’, rather than ‘Postal’ induction channel.

This avoids the severely congested International postal hubs, ensuring reliable transit times are maintained for your Canadian customers. Please contact the OCS team if you would like to know more.