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Coronavirus Update 26.05.2020 - Extended Transit Times Expected

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a disruptive impact on postal deliveries and logistics networks across the globe and this is causing longer than expected transit times in many countries.

There are several contributing factors behind this, such as;
  • Unprecedented sickness and absence levels within the respective workforces
  • Record volumes (in most cases higher than Peak) due to the retail mix shifting more to online than ever before
  • Distancing measures having to be employed in hubs, severely slowing down productivity and processing speeds
  • Hubs having to be closed temporarily for deep-cleaning following virus outbreaks
  • Specific addresses, and in some cases whole postcodes inaccessible due to local quarantine restrictions causing higher than normal return levels
  • Parcels having to be left safe, rather than handed over to ensure distance is maintained between delivery workers and the general public

The team at OCS are monitoring the situation closely. In all cases the data shows that the parcels are getting through to the consignee, albeit more slowly than we have become accustomed to prior to the pandemic.

We kindly ask shippers and consignees to allow additional time for parcels to reach their destinations at this time. Our Customer Service team remain on hand for any specific parcel enquiries.