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European Union distribution – July 1st 2021

OCS is proud to report a smooth transition for GB retailers accessing the EU markets, under the IOSS VAT scheme which becomes effective today. OCS partnered with experienced French customs specialist ALS Douane for Brexit preparations and has since expanded the co-operation for the implementation of the IOSS VAT requirements.

New data transmission protocols together with revised retailer VAT management processes have been a daunting post-Brexit prospect, but DDP orders via the OCS network can continue to move through compliant and efficient customs and logistics mechanisms.

OCS now provides EU distribution via IOSS, B2B2C and direct-entry processes, facilitating parcels of all values dependent on customer requirements. This is further enhanced by the ability to "draw-back" any VAT and/or Duty paid to the FR customs on the outbound journey for goods that ultimately get returned.

The combined OCS & ALS system has processed millions of Euros of draw-back claims on goods returned by EU consumers to GB retailers since January 2021. The physical goods are re-imported into GB and returned to the retailers for re-stocking into their inventory.

Today is "Day 1" under the new regime and after a huge amount of planning, preparation, execution and testing the OCS and ALS teams are delighted to confirm that all the cross-border processes, IT integrations, customs declarations and logistics systems completed and in order for the benefit of GB retailers from the outset.

Contact us to discuss how the ALS / OCS partnership can help you reach EU markets in an accountable and compliant way.

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