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EU VAT Regime Update (Effective 01.07.2021)

This update is based upon our current understanding from a logistics and clearance perspective in respect of IOSS and the new EU VAT regime, effective on the 1st of July 2021. Shippers are reminded to take tax and trade advice specific to their individual situation. Trading practices vary and OCS is neither a tax, nor a trade advisor.

IOSS Shipments (<€150)

The OCS Premium DDP service will remain available from the 1st of July 2021 for IOSS registered shipments. Imports will be through France & Ireland and the service will cover all EU member states. Your Premium DDP tariff will remain effective, but without recharge of import VAT by OCS. The clearance fee of £1.50 / parcel will still apply. In order to use the IOSS mechanism your IOSS registration details will need to be transmitted in the manifest data at a “Package” level.

"HV" (High Value Shipments, >€150)

DDP Clearance for High Value shipments will be available to France & Ireland. Additional import locations are being evaluated and tested in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Where direct services are not available for HV shipments cleared on a DDP basis, DAP (DDU) services will default.


If your IOSS registration number is unavailable, or you decide not to register for IOSS your EU parcels will be shipped under the DAP (DDU) incoterm from the 1st of July onwards.

Please make contact with your OCS Account Manager, providing your IOSS registration details when available, and to ensure your service preferences are configured correctly ahead of the deadline.