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IOSS – One week in - July 9th 2021

No delays, no disruption, a smooth EU cross-border process.

In partnership with ALS Douane France, OCS provides end-to-end ecommerce distribution solutions using a range of Customs clearance options:
  • IOSS clearance for parcels with an intrinsic value of up to €150.
  • B2B2C processing for suitably established retailers for goods of all values.
  • Bespoke IOSS declaration for commodities unsuitable for the reduced H7 dataset submission.
  • Non-IOSS clearance for goods of all values into France.
  • Duty drawback on qualifying returns.
UK export and EU import channels are co-ordinated and fully automated with trailers completing EU import formalities promptly.

The OCS EU team is ready to help –