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Pouch threat recedes – June 20th 2022

Back in March the USPS published a rule for consideration which would limit selvage on pouches to just 2 inches.

"Selvage" is the excess, unfilled, part of a pouch beyond its contents.

The proposal was driven by USPS concerns that parcels with excess soft packing can jam machinery and be more susceptible to damage.

Efficiency of parcel packing remains under scrutiny as all carriers, not just the USPS, seek to improve handling and reduce cost. April saw the USPS surcharge parcels with a single side exceeding 22 inches and further surcharge bulky parcels with a volume excluding 2 cubic feet. Matching goods to packaging is now more than ever an essential part of a smooth and cost-effective delivery journey.

The USPS has just announced, that after customer and logistics industry consultations, they will not proceed with the tightening of the soft package rules ... for now ...