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Environmental strategy

Throughout all its operations, OCS Worldwide strives to be an environmentally responsible organisation. We recognise that our core business is reliant on transportation to service our customers and is therefore an emissions-intensive organisation.

We continually strive to improve and promote sound environmental protection as a strategic business issue and recognise the part we must play in protecting and improving the environment. The following points outline our commitment to achieving this objective and demonstrate our current practices.

  • We recognise that protecting the environment today is essential to creating a sustainable business future.
  • We actively seek to minimise the environmental impact of all OCS Worldwide activities.
  • We comply with relevant environmental legislation.
  • Efficiencies driven from our core business model enable our services to be delivered with as low an environmental impact as possible.
  • We regularly review our operational activities, systems and training to ensure our business practice is aligned with this environmental statement.
  • Our company vehicle fleet will not be leased for a period longer than four years to ensure that it is renewed regularly with current lower emission technology.
  • Our independent contractors are required to regularly service and maintain their vehicles to ensure the minimisation of emissions.
  • Our independent contractors are encouraged to use later model lower emission vehicles.
  • Our hub and spoke network is segmented and reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure the minimisation of miles driven and flown.
  • Our aviation business actively measures and manages its performance to ensure the minimisation of fuel usage and emissions.
  • Our range of recyclable courier satchels is currently being extended.
  • OCS Worldwide offices actively promote workplace recycling and waste minimisation.

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